Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Move Over Cough Drops, Halls Now Selling "Fat Metabolizer" Drops

And get this, they have an NPN number.

What's that?

That's an official licensing number from Health Canada which gives the product the right to make front-of-package claims - in this case the claim,
"Helps the Body to Metabolize Fats and Proteins"
Heading over to the ingredients, it would seem that that Health Canada believes the claim is justified by this product's "medicinal" ingredients of:
30mg of Vitamin C


7.5IU of Vitamin E
Now I know I have a great many readers with backgrounds in nutrition and health. Anyone out there think 30mg of Vitamin C along with 7.5IU of Vitamin E will do anything more than help people to empty their wallets and prey on their hopes?

And Health Canada, do you honestly think licensing this product to make these claims will benefit the health of Canadians?

[Thanks to my wonderful wife for sending my way]