Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Fighting Cruelty Against Animals with Cupcakes?

As I've said many times before, society has replaced creativity with junk food.

Whether it's for charitable fundraising, for a bunch of little kids breaking the ice, for hospital foundations, or for schools, the easy way out is always junk.

While I appreciate that coming up with creative means to fund charities, save hospitals, support schools, and entertain children won't always be trivial, I'm pretty sure that society's continual use and normalization of "junk food for good", isn't serving the truly greater good.

So why cupcakes to fight cruelty to animals? According to a humane society spokesperson,
"Cupcakes taste good and they make you feel good, especially when they’re making a life-saving difference in the lives of needy animals. We encourage all animal lovers and bakers in Ottawa to whip up a batch and do their part to fight cruelty with a cupcake."
These days the world is not suffering a shortage of cupcake eating opportunities and I do so look forward to the day where selling sugar to fund good deeds is no longer the acceptable norm.

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  1. Anonymous6:05 am

    This is also ironic. How many animals (and laborers) suffered in CAFOs to produce the milk and eggs that went in to these cupcakes?

    1. Anonymous7:14 am

      That was my first thought as well! I can make delicious vegan cupcakes, but I hardly think that's what most people are doing (and they would still be unhealthy, so not approved by Yoni!). I find it so strange when animal charities have bake sales or bbq's - one of the ones in my. city is even having a boston pizza dinner. What about the animals that had a completely crappy life and death to make the fundraiser food??

  2. Rebecca8:59 am

    Me, three! I came on here to say that not only are they replacing creativity with junk food, but they are replacing cruelty to certain animals (dogs and cats?) with cruelty to cows and chickens if they don't also advocate making the cupcakes purely from plant-based ingredients (not to mention the cruelty to the unhealthy, overweight human animals who will likely be doing most of the consuming!).

  3. One of my pet charities has this going too. My standard response to anything like this is to purposely overpay for a smaller quantity of the snack item. I paid 50 for a dozen cupcake, and half of those will probably end up in the garbage. And yes I could have requested vegan cupcakes, several of the people running our fundraiser are vegan and happy to oblige. Very common with animal charities to find veggie folk :) sometimes you just have to ask.