Saturday, February 01, 2014

Saturday Stories: Mortality, Brain Training and Penises

A thoughtful piece from the New York Times by Paul Kalanithi on how long he's got left.

A great piece by Jordan Gaines Lewis in Slate on whether or not online brain games actually help brains.

L.V. Andersen, also in Slate, with a great piece and my vote for headline of the week, exploiting men's insecurity about their penises is a terrible way to promote vegetarianism.

[And if you don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter, a bunch of extras from me:

Here's my case from US News and World Report on why I'm not so excited about Michele Obama's partnership with Subway

Here's my debut piece from Civil Eats on just who exactly is teaching your children "Energy Balance 101"

Here's me on CTV News chatting with Leanne Cusack in two segments - one about badvertising and the other about our Family Reset program.

And here's a lengthy interview I did with my friend Barry Dworkin on childhood obesity and our office's Family Reset program]

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  1. Yoni, you are correct, my vote too for the Headline of the Week...I am not a physician but if I were I would be trying to organize a Physician's petition to PCRM to stop using the name Physician. Really I saw the guy who is at the head of this talk on and "Intelligence Squared" debate.....Clinicians need to recognize the real hard science out there and not the psuedo science they use to re-enforce their "conformational biases" . As we can see in this campaign they use slickly marketed fear based psuedo-science. Really ED is one of those "Canaries in the Coal Mine" arterial blockage mainly due to inflammation.....what do most people do to cause this meat? ....really, its the carbohydrates which turn into long as the focus is on fear of fat we are never going to get the focus on getting the sugar/carb load down where it needs to be for most people, ...enough ranting.....Thanks for all your hard work.

    Peter Defty

  2. Hi Yoni, me again trolling for info....

    Has Michelle Obama ever read the recommended nutrition for pediatrics?......they specifically tell mothers to not use low/no fat amazes me how the food giants know the people are personally fat phobic so, despite the recommendations to the contrary, they make and advertise pediatric foods that are low or no in fat.....

  3. Hanna Saltzman2:18 pm

    Great pieces in Civil Eats and US News and World Report, Yoni! I didn't know about the new curriculum before and although I'm not surprised, am definitely disturbed (ice cream as a healthy dairy option?...). Likewise, with Subway, am not surprised but am quite bothered. I love your phrase "health-washing of our current toxic culture of convenience" - so true. Something I'd add to your analysis is that (in my personal opinion, at least) all marketing to children is problematic, as it's deceptive and takes advantage of vulnerability.