Monday, September 08, 2014

Supermarkets Should Not Legally Be Allowed to Do This

It's bad enough we have fronts of packages telling us that all manners of food-like substances are in fact healthful, and truly, there should be a law preventing front of package health claims, but check out these top of aisle health claims that an RD reader of mine found displayed at her local Ontario Metro Supermarket.

Healthy cookies?

Healthy juice?

Those of course are oxymorons.

The soups - sure soups can be healthful, but given most store bought soups contain well over 1,000mg of sodium per bowl, a healthy label is a bit of a stretch.

The onus shouldn't be on the consumer to scrutinize labels to determine if claims are true, the onus should be on the food industry, and in this case the supermarket industry, not to lie to or to deceive consumers.