Thursday, August 06, 2015

MS Society of Canada also Encourages Drinking Maple Syrup to End MS

So yesterday I posted about the MS Society of Canada encouraging the consumption of XXL poutines to end MS.

Over on Facebook, I noticed this comment:

And suddenly I felt compelled to point out that the MS Society of Canada also included a "maple syrup with every meal" pledge in case you didn't want to eat XXL poutines,  stating on their blog,
"Incorporate maple syrup into as many of your dishes as possible. It could mean that your Canada Day party plays a part in finding an end to MS that really sticks. Wouldn’t that be sweet?"
They even featured a photo of someone doing a shot of it.

As far as whether or not that led genuinely kind and well intentioned people to chug the stuff (where just a single tablespoon contains more than half the Heart and Stroke Foundation's daily recommended limit on added sugar), here's a smattering from social media:

Just say no to junk food fundraising.