Friday, November 10, 2006

Big Milk

The milk industry is completely unscrupulous. Their claims range from of course, osteoporosis prevention, to weight loss, to PMS treatment and more.

Dr. Willett, in a critique of Canada's pending Food Guide (next week will be all Food Guide, all week and will highlight many of Dr. Willett's concerns on the nutritional deficiencies of the Food Guide and mine on the fact that it will almost certainly, if followed, lead you to gain weight) stated,

"the draft Canadian guidelines advocate large amounts of dairy products. There is really not a credible scientific basis for this. The usual justification is that this will reduce osteoporosis and fractures, but large prospective studies consistently show no benefit of high dairy consumption on fracture incidence."
"The high dairy intake would not be a major issue if it were clearly safe. However, the US Guidelines completely ignored a very substantial body of data showing increased risks of aggressive and fatal prostate cancer with high dairy consumption. Also, many studies have found increased risks of ovarian cancer with high dairy consumption. Although the findings for ovarian cancer have not been entirely consistent, a recent meta-analysis of prospective studies found about a 25% increase in ovarian cancer with lactose intake equivalent to three glasses of milk per day."
But we'll get into all of this next week. Today's Funny Friday (I realize that's tough to see so far in this post)!

Today for your viewing pleasure I'm featuring milk commercials and their outrageous claims. One thing I can definitely say positively about the milk industry, they sure do make great ads.

1. Osteoporosis Prevention (from the California Fluid Milk Products Advisory Board)

2. PMS Prevention (from the Got Milk campaign)

3. Grow muscles and a giant balloon head (from the Milk, It Does a Body Good campaign)

4. Be "Big" and stop worrying about bullies (from the Milk, It Does a Body Good campaign)

They're even more unscrupulous in Japan....

5. Grow very tall.

6. Enhance your bust

Lastly, here's how the folks from the Family Guy perceive where milk ads are going.