Friday, November 03, 2006

"Just Like Home" Quobesity

Perhaps this should be a "Obesimage".

Saw this in our Toysrus flyer today.

It's called the Just Like Home Deli shop play set.

Looking at the picture I see hot dogs, hamburgers, onion rings, potato chips, doughnuts, chocolate milk, juice, ketchup and mustard, white bread, pancakes with butter, cookies and bacon.

Wanna argue with me and say, "Come on Yoni, it says it's a deli shop play set, you're twisting the picture".

Fine, here's the same company's Just Like Home 60 piece food set.

Pizza, doughnuts, cola, cookies, hot dogs, orange juice, ice cream, waffles, cheesecake, french fries, bacon, chocolate and perhaps a butter tart?

I think the vegetables are thrown in so the parents who buy the kit can say,

"Come on Timmy, you can't play with your french fries until you finish playing with your carrots!"
..... Just like home.