Thursday, January 18, 2007

For Sale: Dean of a Medical School - Cheap

Kudos to Pepsi Co. They've actually managed to buy the Dean of a medical school to help bolster their public image.

Dean Deborah E. Powell MD from the University of Minnesota sold out and boy did she sell out cheap. $30,000 per year retainer, $2,000 per board meeting and $60,000 in stock options.

Perhaps by supporting Pepsi Co., Dr. Powell is trying to help out her namesake Deborah E. Powell Center for Women's Health whose research page is currently looking for participants in an obesity and binge eating clinical trial.

So what if obesity is the number two preventable cause of death in North America. Who cares if kids are getting type II diabetes and hardening of the arteries before they hit puberty. Type II diabetes doubling in the next 20 years, big deal. No worries that Pepsi and Mountain Dew make up close to 1/2 of the company's $3 billion sales. After all, Pepsi Co. sells water and diet drinks too and of course no one would point their fingers solely at soft drinks as being exclusively responsible for the World's current weight problems.

Like a prior post's artwork stated, "No single raindrop thinks it's responsible for the flood".

So what does Dr. Powell have to say for herself?

"The issue of children and adolescents being exposed to carbonated, sugar-filled soft drinks is one that everybody is talking about, and I think (corporate) boards have to reflect about. I think we can do it in a responsible way to ensure that the company is successful and shareholder value is maximized and people take into account responsible stewardship."
Uh huh.

So where would Dr. Powell draw the line?

Apparently she said she wouldn't work for a cigarette company - but I wonder if the price was right....