Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Great Gear Website for Functional Exercisers

I love a good deal.

I also love functional exercise.

What's functional exercise?

It's exercise that doesn't feel like exercise. Riding your bike to work, playing with your children, gardening, housework, walking (not Segwaying) around town, hiking, skating, skiing - pretty much anything other than pushing weights.

If you want exercise to be a lifelong commitment, you'd better make sure you commit to something you enjoy, and gyms really aren't for everyone.

Remember too that exercise for weight control is cumulative, not consecutive. It's like going to the bank. Go 6 times in a day and deposit $10 each time and you've got the same amount of money in your account as if you went once and deposited $60. Now switch the "dollars" to minutes and it's the same for exercise, 6 ten minute blocks is the same as one 60.

So what does this have to do with gear? Well while you don't need a gym membership for functional exercise, it sure helps to have great gear.

I found a fabulous gear sale website that posts one-deal at a time offers for extremely discounted outdoor gear.

It even has a widget that sits on your desktop and alerts you when a new deal is live, and their shipping costs to Canada are extremely reasonable.


That site's going to cost me a fortune!