Friday, March 02, 2007

Juice - it's a health miracle

If you don't believe me, just ask the juice industry - they cultivate that message more ardently than their crops.

They've clearly done a great job considering there's a picture of juice in Canada's Food Guide passing itself off as a fruit or vegetable.

Who cares if there are as many Calories drop per drop as Coca Cola? Who cares if a glass of juice causes an almost instantaneous insulin spike? Who cares that the actual nutrients found in juice pale in comparison with those of fruit? Who cares if global experts on obesity fervently caution against juice's overconsumption? Who cares if it's just a big tall glass of liquid sugar?

God put in that sugar (well God and then selective breeding) and therefore it must be good.

Well today for Funny Friday is a classic - Jim Carrey, back in his heyday, mocking Jack Lalane, juice and infomercials in a sketch from In Living Color.

Have a great weekend