Tuesday, March 27, 2007

World's Scariest Weight Loss Gadget?

Due to the fact that we once bought 500 pedometers directly from China we still get emails about other wonderful products that various global companies think we should sell.

Last week we got this one. It's called Slimming Series Equipment and it is distributed by a company named Zandi International, and while the English version of the website really doesn't explain what it does, that doesn't stop me from thinking it's the scariest looking thing I've ever seen (click the picture to see a larger version)!

What the heck's in the IV bag and what does it mean when the site says,

"advanced Super-cooling devices ensures more stable performance and higher safety factor"
If you want to find out more, you actually don't have to travel to China, but rather you've got to travel to Richmond Hill Ontario where their office is. According to their website,
"Zandi international is on of the biggest manufacturer and exclusive distributor agency of different products from Japan, Iran, Asia, Europe and North America in persian & oriental rugs, kilims, arts and tapestry. Medical cosmetic lasers & ipl, beauty cosmetics, medical hospital equipments, anesthesia machines, massage chairs and beauty health equipments for North America, Canada, USA, Asia, Europe, UAE and persian gulf"
You know it's always bothered me that I can't buy persian rugs at the same store as anesthesia machines, massage chairs and scary super-cooled weight loss scams. Thank goodness I've found Zandi.

If you'd like to visit or write to them you can head to: 160 East Beaver Creek Unit 3, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada 905-763-6563.