Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fast Food Truth vs. Fiction

The top photo's Arby's beef and cheddar as advertised, while the next one is as purchased.

The top one has been "styled" - there's a whole industry out there called food styling.

It involves making food look good for professional photography.

It's what makes fast food look good.

Enter Jeff Kay from some zine called the West Virginia Surf Report. He performed a simple experiment.

He compared the foods he bought at fast food outlets with those same foods' styled advertisements,

"Each item was purchased, taken home, and photographed immediately. Nothing was tampered with, run over by a car, or anything of the sort. It is an accurate representation in every case. Shiny, neon-orange, liquefied pump-cheese, and all."
If you want to see his pics (they're great), click here

[Hat tip: Steffan]