Monday, May 21, 2007

Shrek says, "Eat a McFlurry"

Remember that news release that McDonald's put out a few weeks ago?

The one that said that Shrek and his buddies would be used to promote "the well-being of children and families" items?

Guess what the Shrek clan, also anti-obesity spokescartoons for the US Department of Health and Human Services, are promoting for McDonald's now?

The Swamp Sludge McFlurry (brownie bits and green M&Ms) and the Minty Mudbath Shake (mint and chocolate) - both absolutely chocked full of well-being for children and families.

Want to know how much well-being's in 'em?

Of course that will depend on the size. Smallest size has about as many Calories as a Big Mac. Largest size, as many as two Big Macs and almost as many as most pre-teen kids burn in a day.

That's some yummy well-being.

Here I've got to bring in the staggeringly stupid, amazingly ignorant or plainly bought quote from child parenting expert and McDonald's Mom's Panel member Dr. Michele Borba again. Here's what she had to say about the McDonald's Shrek campaign,

"I'm impressed with McDonald's worldwide commitment to promote activity, encourage balanced food choices and doing this in a fun and engaging way. This is very consistent with the counsel that the Mom's Panel has been giving McDonald's. It's clear they are listening."
That there Mom's panel's great! I guess Shrek saying have a McFlurry is part of the fun and engaging promotion of balanced food choices. Of course at McDonald's the balance is between between choices that are simply nutritionally lean and thouse that are overtly obesegenic. If that's consistent with the advice of the Mom's panel, that sure is one group of absolutely stellar moms.

Want to know who the stellar moms of the McDonald's Global Mom's Advisory Panel are?

According to the magic of the Google and the press release from McDonald's they are:
  1. U.S. Olympic speedskater Bonnie Blair
  2. Italian Olympic cross-country skier Stefania Belmondo
  3. Christa Kinshofer, an Olympic skier and author from Germany
  4. Gao Min, an Olympic diving champion and author from China
  5. Keddie Bailey, a full-time mother from England
  6. Michele Borba, a childhood development expert and author
  7. Maru Botana, a chef and TV cooking-show personality from Argentina
  8. Laura Lopez Cano, a Latina artist
  9. Kim Carter, a librarian and Parent Teacher Association president
Way to go folks - you sure are making a difference!