Friday, October 05, 2007

Welcome to the Heart Attack Grill

So next time you're in Phoenix Arizona, maybe it's worth a visit to the Heart Attack Grill (warning, automatically playing music on this jump).

No health food here. In fact on their doors as you walk in is a sign that says,

"Warning, our food may be hazardous to your health!"
Single, double, triple and quadruple bypass burgers, served by "nurses". The restaurant's trademark slogan?
"Taste worth dying for"
No make believe health claims here, their "Flatliner fries" are proudly promoted as being fried in 100% pure lard and of course they also sell beer and cigarettes. At the end of your meal you can ask your "nurse" to wheel you out to your car in a wheelchair.

Today for Funny Fridays is the 20/20 piece on the Heart Attack Grill. Apparently the local Arizona Board of Nursing had the Arizona attorney general send a scary letter to the grill owner objecting to the use of the term "nurse" as it is a name protected by law for folks who held a valid nursing license.

Boy was that a bad plan. The restaurant's now been featured umpteen times on the news and the owner has reported receiving 80 emails an hour asking him if he'd franchise.

In my mind, the restaurant's certainly irreverent, but really, this is a restaurant where the owner dresses up in a lab coat, calls himself a doctor and describes 3 beers and 3 packs of cigarettes as, "the ultimate dessert", is anyone really going to mistake the folks in the Halloween nursing costumes for real nurses?

Life's too short not to have a sense of humour.

Have a great weekend!

[Hat tip to our office's newest physician, Dr. Erik Howarth]