Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hamilton Wentworth School Board to show the Province how it's done!


Here's a change for you - a post that's extremely positive.

The Hamilton Wentworth School Board recently published their draft new school food policy and I've got to say - those folks get it.

Their draft policies calls for:

  • A ban on the use of food as a reward in classrooms
  • That celebratory food have at least a moderate nutritional value
  • That school cafeterias will cook with local food when possible, display calories on menuboards, lose the deep fryers, and serve whole foods as often as possible rather than highly processed boxed meals
  • That school events such as "meet the teacher" nights will set a nutritional example and not serve minimally nutritious foods
  • That there'll be a maximum of 5 special event food days a year (eg Pizza Days)
  • That school fundraising will not rely on the sale of junk food

The policy has not yet formally been adopted and the school board is soliciting opinions from the public. If you want to provide feedback on their proposed policy you can fill out their brief online survey by clicking here.

Kudos to the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board!