Monday, May 31, 2010

Frankenfood: Meat vending machine edition

You know, much as I bad mouth meat and its deleterious effects on health, long time readers of my blog will also know I adore eating it.

That said, my first reaction when hearing about this meat vending machine was an unqualified, "Ew".

I can't really explain my reaction though - the machines are being installed in the storefronts of classy looking Spanish butcheries, not Walmarts, presumably they're refrigerated, and from the looks of them they sell a variety of different cuts and options.

Perhaps it's just my aversion to vending machines casting aspersions on the contents.

Enjoy your barbecues off work Americans and if you forgot to buy burgers before the stores closed perhaps there's a meat vending machine nearby you can access.

[Via Springwise with hat tip to Lorne]