Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marie Claire lays bare vile weight bias.


Wow, wow, wow.

Marie Claire published perhaps the vilest, most weight biased article I've ever read. It's called, "Should Fatties Get a Room".

I couldn't possibly do the ugliness justice so head over there now, have a peek, and then come back here to read the comment that Jezebel so wisely pulled from the crop.

Brilliantly written.

Beth, whoever you are, you're awesome! Maura Kelly (the author of the Marie Claire piece and the lady in the photo up above), best I can do for you is you're honest. Oh, and you're also ignorant and slightly loathsome.

"Dear Maura Kelly,

I sincerely apologize for my disgusting body and all the various rolls of fat on my person.

When I married my fat husband back in June I didn't realize it would offend anyone when we got to that "you may kiss the bride" moment, or we would have skipped it. If I'd realized how unacceptable it is for me to have love or happiness, I would have called the wedding off entirely, of course. I have told my husband that there will be no more kissing or cuddling or FATTY SEX until we both lose some weight. I hope he understands...

I really am so sorry for being so fat and happy all this time! In your very honest and sensitively written article "should fatties get a room?" you write that fat people should walk more, yet you also write that fat people walking across a room is something you find disgusting. I take long walks around my neighbourhood most days, is this too much? I want to find the correct balance between getting thin and not upsetting anyone with my jiggling body parts.

I also swim twice a week and go to the gym once a week, are these activities also disgusting to you? Perhaps I should start doing these activities at night so nobody has to be offended by them. Do you think that would be best? I don't own a television so I haven't seen Mike and Molly. But I do hope they take garbage like off the television soon. As you say, it's implicitly promoting obesity. Surely anyone who watches it will see the yucky fat people making out and suddenly think to themselves "I should gain some weight, that looks like fun." And then where would we be?

By the way, I haven't ever had any health problems before but if anything does come up I'll be sure to stay away from the doctor so as not to be a drain on anyone's health costs.

Thank you for writing this meticulously well researched, world-changing article. I really think you are going to cure obesity with this! Yay! Your plump friends are very lucky to have a friend like you who is in no way a hateful bully or an ignorant sizeist jerk.

Best wishes,
[Hat tip to Holly]