Thursday, March 03, 2011

Attendance based gym pricing. Go more = pay less!

I love this idea.

It's called Gym-Pact and the premise is simple.

Sign up for a discounted rate for personal training, gym memberships, yoga, etc. and pledge a specific level of attendance. Discounts vary based on contract length and pledge frequency.

Here's the catch.

Each time you miss you get dinged $10.

You get one week vacation every 6 months and if you're sick or injured, a doctor's note will pay off your penalties.

I know as well as anyone that motivating yourself to exercise is difficult. Zero doubt in my mind, money, and therefore Gym-Pact, can help.

Right now, only in New York, but hopefully Gym-Pact or enterprising copycats will spring up at gyms near you.

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