Thursday, January 09, 2014

Because Fast Food Isn't Fast Enough

Weights continue to climb the world over - and it's not because the world has suffered an epidemic loss of willpower, but rather that the world around us has changed.

Once upon a time (or really just 60 years ago), food was much slower, cooking far more normal, and junky options far more limited.

Fast has not been good.

And soon perhaps, it'll be even faster.

Chip and Dan Heath have pointed out that easier paths motivate our inner elephants and that once motivated, even skilled riders have a difficult time getting said elephant to take a different path. Looks like one of the paths that is already damn easy is about to get easier with the marriage of your toll road transponder and fast food in that a new company, iDriveThru, has managed to configure them to also pay for fast food drive thru purchases.

I'm guessing too that this step is only a temporary first one with the next being smartphone apps that not only pay without your phone leaving your pocket, but remember your favourite orders to literally allow for a seamless drive-thru experience with dedicated lanes for these frequent fliers.