Monday, January 27, 2014

British Marmite Banned In Canada Due to Enrichment with Vitamins and Minerals?

Clearly the Canadian Food Inspections Agency is a hater as they recently insisted that a Saskatoon specialty food shop pull authentic British Marmite from their shelves as it was said to be "enriched with vitamins and minerals" (the Canadian version apparently isn't and now the CFIA is seemingly backing down from their original objection which was reportedly rather specific despite their recent press release's suggestion to the contrary).

Now for those who don't know marmite, it's a fermented yeast product that is assuredly an acquired taste and not something that one would be consuming in large daily quantities. It's low in calories, has virtually nothing in the way of sugars, and is modestly fortified with B vitamins. It's also definitely a much healthier toast spread than what most Canadians are currently shmearing each morning.

Well Saskatoon shopkeeper, my advice to you is to start stocking the following items (a small sampling of dozens and dozens of similar products), because despite their clear enrichment with vitamins and minerals, and their much greater likelihood of excess consumption, Health Canada's Natural Food Product Directorate thinks they're the cat's meow when it comes to good health.