Monday, June 22, 2015

A Genuinely and Amazingly Effective Dr. Oz Cleanse

"Dr. Asshat" - Courtesy of Peter Cook (@DoodlePeter)
It's called The Dr. Oz Cleanse, and if followed, it will protect you from spreading his wildly infectious asshat toxin, and best of all, it only has a few easy to follow steps.
  1. If the Dr. Oz show is on your television set, immediately change the channel or turn your TV off.
  2. Use your browser's web controls to specifically block all content emanating from the URL (instructions for how to do so in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari).
  3. Unfollow @DrOz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and anywhere else his toxin oozes.
  4. Never buy or read Dr. Oz' The Good Life magazine, and if you happen to see it in a friend's home, a waiting room, or elsewhere, consider disappearing it.
  5. If a friend or relative starts talking to you about something they heard about on Dr. Oz, place your fingers in your ears and quack loudly until their lips stop moving. Repeat as necessary.
[This post was inspired by this recent toxic tweet]