Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation is Just Plain Awesome These Days

It's amazing what a public health NGO can do when it divorces itself from the food industry.

Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation, just a few short years ago, was happily in bed with the food industry, selling it their "Health Check" front of package seal of approval and partnering with multiple fast food restaurants. But then last year, the Health Check program was shuttered and since then, the Heart and Stroke Foundation has forged a course that their prior partnerships would have undoubtedly prevented.

First they published the most rigorous sugar recommendations in North America.

Next they launched a campaign urging the government to restrict the commercial marketing of foods and beverages to children.

And most recently they proved that food industry money, while green, isn't the only money available as they've just announced their largest industry partnership in the Foundation's history - with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Huge kudos to Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation.