Thursday, October 08, 2015

Ultra-Processed Food Giant Mondelēz Embraces School Gardens and Cooking

While it's easy to criticize the machinations of Coca-Cola when they aim to teach children about "energy balance" in a cynical bid to help with childhood obesity, it's a great deal more difficult to criticize the recent strategy put forward by Mondelēz geared at addressing obesity and other chronic, non-communicable diseases.

According to this brief article Mondelēz' initiatives will include - along with the fitness piece - education and support on whole food nutrition including championing cooking classes and school vegetable gardens.

An interesting move for an ultra-processed food industry giant, and a smart one too in that these initiatives likely won't result in any reduction in the purchase of Mondelēz' products while providing Mondelēz with genuinely laudable PR that depending on the course content, may well stand up to public health advocates' scrutiny.

Would love to see the initiatives' collateral materials and implementation in more detail.