Monday, January 11, 2016

Are You Certain That For The Thing You're Certain About There's Certainty?

Certainty. When it comes to nutrition, healthful living, and weight loss advice, that's often what's being served.

There are anti-breakfast zealots who are just as passionate about no one ever needing breakfast as those who state that breakfast is an absolute must. There are low-fat fighters whose passionate beliefs, if embraced by the masses, will undoubtedly lead to new lines of unhelpful ultra-processed but high fat foods. And there are anti-calorie crusaders who'll have you believe that magically, in the context of a public that relies dramatically on boxes, jars, and restaurant meals, that calories won't count if you just choose wisely.

I could go on.

Honestly, even were the science of issues like those up above as black and white as many promote (it's not), in clinical practice, denying the fact that different approaches suit different people differently is a great way to fail patients.

All this to say, the opposite of dogma isn't dogma.