Monday, January 04, 2016

Is It Bad That Exercise Pills Might Be On The Horizon?

A little while ago I came across coverage and commentary about this article about the future possibility of pills that might in theory be able to replace exercise.

Predictably, the chorus of voices that rose up were full of indignation with sentiments that ultimately suggested that even if found to be incredibly effective, exercise pills would be the bastion of the lazy.

Is it lazy to want to improve your quality and quantity of life? Because that's what these pills would do if they did in fact provide people with the benefits of exercise. And yes, sure, it'd be lovely if everyone had the very real luxuries of possessing the health, time, money, and inclination to regularly and genuinely exercise, but except in the minds of those filled with I can do it and so should you lifestyle sanctimony, that's simply not the case for a large percentage of our real life population.