Monday, November 28, 2016

Can School Based Rummage Sales Put The Boot To Junk Food Fundraising

Right now our garage is literally filled with boxes of outgrown toys and kid related paraphernalia. Our plan had been to donate it all to one charity or another, but what if it could be put to use to help fund our kids' schools?

Thanks to the forward thinking of 13 year old Belle Pan, that might be possible one day soon.

The daughter of an entrepreneur, Pan developed iRummage - an online and app based infrastructure to allow schools to host year long rummage sales where the items for sale, and their listings, come from the schools' families. What else will this app do? According to Pan,
"We're going to train 100,000 ten year old CEOs. Raise money for schools? Check. Provide business education for kids? Check. All I'm asking of you is your old couch".

Here's hoping iRummage finds the funding it needs to launch, and that we continue to see innovations and ideas like Pan's push school junk food, bake sales, and fast food fundraising to the curb.