Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why Are Dairy Farmers' "Dairy Educators" Invited To Teach Our Kids?

"What the hell is a Dairy Farmers of Ontario 'Dairy Educator' and why are they allowed to speak to my kids?"
That was the question posed to me by the reader who sent in this video.

Apparently it was shown to his Grade 4 student in school by a 'Dairy Educator' who clearly was invited by that kid's school to teach kids about "The Miracle of Milk" (that's literally the title of the video).

The claims in the video?

Milk contributes to (all direct quotes):
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Strong muscles
  • Energy
  • Healthy blood and a healthy nervous system
  • Help prevent diseases like cancer
  • Healthy brain development
The video goes on to talk about how many servings kids should have, with the majority of kids in the video drinking from almost comically large glasses, and of course it features both chocolate milk and ice cream.

The video and the 'education' are part of a larger 'curriculum' offered to Ontario's schools.

The claims made by the video, and presumably amplified by the 'educator', certainly aren't those approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, nor is milk miraculous.

So as far as what Dairy Farmer of Ontario Dairy Educators are - well they're marketers. But as to why they're being invited in to schools to market a product dishonestly to trusting children, I haven't a clue.