Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Junior Kindergarteners and The Unnecessary Crutch of Junk Food

Sent to me by a reader and I wanted to share.

It's part of a school newsletter for her kid's Junior Kindergarten class. Here's what caught her (and my) eye. On Wednesday's the school has a "WOW" day - where the students are encouraged to walk to school.

Those who did most recently received a free hot chocolate.

Also, kids who rode the bus to school received a free hot chocolate, because though not walkers, their use of public transport reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Oh, and to raise money for the Canadian Wildlife Federation, the children were able to purchase hot chocolate. In all they raised $166.

In looking for a photo for this post, I came across another school's page discussing how, "Math plus Zippers equals Hot Chocolate Party!" whereby the kids in the class ate cookies and then learned how to graph by plotting how delicious they were, and then completed a second graph of whether or not they enjoyed marshmallows in their hot chocolate. Later that same week, to celebrate the fact that every kid learned how to do up their own jacket's zipper they were rewarded with a "Zipper Party" to celebrate the achievement with cookies and hot chocolate.

To be very clear, these schools aren't examples of schools that don't care about their kids, they're just examples of how normalized the use of junk food has become in rewarding and entertaining our children. Bet all of these kids would have had just as much, or more enjoyment, with an extra gym class, extended recess, a dress up day, a dance party, helping with the school's morning announcements, etc.

Just because junk food works, doesn't mean we need to use it.