Monday, February 19, 2007

World's First Calorie Burning Cola?

Celsius Cola - Raises your metabolism by 12% for 3 hours!

Sounds great right?

Umm, not so much to me.

Forget about whether or not the data supports the conclusion, let's work with it just like we did with the other so-called energy burning drink, "Enviga".

So a 12% increase in metabolism for 3 hours.

I burn 2,250 Calories per day or 93.75 Calories per hour.

12% more than 93.75 is an additional 11.75 Calories per hour.

11.75 Calories per hour x 3 hours = 33.75 additionally burned Calories.

But wait, the drink has 10 calories therefore it's only an additional 22.75 Calories.

But wait again, if I drank 355ml of ice water instead of Celsius I would burn 12 more Calories bringing the temperature of the ice water up from 0 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius, therefore now we're down to an additional 10.75 Calories.

If I drink one a day for a year I'll therefore burn an additional 3,923 Calories representing 1.1lbs, at a cost of $2 per bottle = $730.

That's $664/lb!

And I'm a fairly fit, somewhat young, 5'8" man who burns a fair number of Calories.

What if you burn less Calories than me?

Let's say instead you burn 1,500 Calories daily. Then your cost per lb of weight loss after all the calculations ends up being $14,600/lb and if you simply had a glass of ice water daily, you'd get virtually the same benefit as one Celsius drink daily.

How do I figure?

1,500 Calories / 24 hrs = 62.5 Calories per hour.

62.5 Calories/hr * 0.12 (12 % increase) * 3 hours = 22.5 Calories extra.

22.5 Calories extra - 10 Calories for the drink = 12.5 Calories extra.

12.5 Calories extra - 12 Calories raising the temperature of 355ml of ice water = 0.5 Calories extra.

0.5 additional Calories per day * 365 days per year = 182.5 Calories per year

182.5 Calories / 3,500 Calories per pound = 0.05lbs.

$730/0.05lbs = $14,600/lb

Makes me almost rather give my money to Aquamantra!

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  1. CrimsonWithFury1:04 am

    I think their biggest marketing mistake was to go after it as a calorie burning drink. I myself was looking for a better tasting energy drink then Red Bull or Monsters is pretty much how I ran into Celsius. I really couldn't care less for it to be tauted as some calorie burning drink or negative zero type deal.

    I am happy to drink Celsius as a energy drink that taste great to my taste buds and I would be happy to pay $2.00 for Celsius before I would pay $2.00 for a can of Monster or Red Bull that flat out taste horrible.

  2. Anonymous5:32 pm

    I too drink it for the energy bump I get for three hours. I'm not sure what it is that they do differently with these same ingredients, but I definitely get an energy shot without the jitters I get from Red Bull, and it tastes better to me. I don't need to lose weight so I am not concerned with "burning" calories.

    Also, when you begin any sentence with "Forget about whether or not the data supports the conclusion . . . " I immediately hold your opinion suspect. Perhaps you are writing to a crowd who are truly sheep, but I don't think the readers of this article are stupid enough to believe anything in a bottle is going to help them significantly lose weight. You insult our intelligence to insinuate such a thing. What we have here is a soda that doesn't ADD calories, provides an energy boost, tastes good (subjective, I know, but I am speaking for myself on this point), and is full of vitamins and minerals. Take notes, Coca-Cola and Pepsi.If you speak to people in the manner in which you write, I imagine you are known to your friends and family as a pessimistic, sarcastic dilettante. If you presented the same information with less attitude, people would take you seriously. Instead you sound like a whining child.

  3. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Aw, but if I drink 35 of them in a day, I should lose a pound!Amiright? Amiright? ;)

  4. Anonymous2:41 pm

    Hmm... Then drink Celsius ice cold and get twice the benefit! ;-) Muwahahahaha!!!!