Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All You Can Eat Blue Jays!

So the trend of all-you-can-eat admission to baseball games has made it to the great white north.

To date this trend has pretty much been U.S. based and according to an article in the Toronto Star,

"Nearly half of the major league baseball teams in the U.S. have added the "all-inclusive" seats. Nine NHL teams offer them, six NBA teams have them and NASCAR is selling the tickets at several of its racetracks."
Hurray for Canada?

Want to be an early-adopter?

For just $39 you can watch the Jays take on the Kansas City Royals and "enjoy" all you can eat hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and soft drinks.

Sorry, no pizza or beer for you.

Hope you can take your head out of the trough long enough to watch the game.

Buy your tickets here.

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  1. Anonymous11:26 am

    Well, on the plus side, there will soon be more seats available to actual baseball fans as the patrons who partake in this silly idea grow too wide to fit into stadium seats. (Not being facetious there. I've been to the point that I was almost too wide for those seats and have lost more than 125 lbs since then by eating healthy foods and exercising. I know it is possible to outgrow them, and an idea like this will only help that process along.)

    Why don't these places concentrate on making some healthy food options available to us fans as well as coming up with ideas like this?

  2. Funny how that works.. Seats keep getting smaller everywhere and dinner portions are getting larger. Look at airplanes!

  3. Anonymous12:22 pm

    I just had a scary thought. People will bring their kids to this and encouarge them to pig out to "get your money's worth". (Seen adults do this at buffets too.) Great lesson to be teaching them.

  4. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Very Dissappointed with both the blogger and associated comments. I fully agree that this is a terrible marketing gimick. I agree that people have issues that must be dealt with and addressed. A comment or obsevation as to the inappropriateness of the promotion is far more acceptable then making reference to obese as pigs for poor choices is just simply reconfirming that we as a society are just not prepared to help to prevent obesity. Posting ignorent comments and comparissons are not condussive to helping, it is another slap accross the face and reason why the "pigs" are forced to turn to (albiet wrong) food for comfort from the bully's and name callers.
    I am one of those "PIGS" that have a hard time with event seats and airlines seats, some of it because of weight and some because the length of me leggs. So on the "PLUS SIDE" you can have my seat. I am addressing and working on my issues and have along way to go, but it will always be a problem.

    So like a pig to the traugh I go for my cellary and salades, and say "Thanks for the words of encouragement and support." Nice to know how quickly those that have face the battle are prepared to join the ranks of those that like to attack and condemn those with obeisity issues.


  5. Dear Anonymous,

    My reference to the "trough" was with regards to the quality of "food" being offered, and it's unlimited quantity and the presumption that folks who feel this is a great idea are folks who will in fact be spending much of their time making the most of their tickets eating. Of course that's certainly not to say that those folks will only consist of folks with weight to lose.

    As any regular reader of my blog will tell you, one thing I'm not is insenstitive to folks with weight to lose.

    I'm sorry you took offense. Please know that it was unintentional.

  6. The Montreal Canadiens are already promoting a buffet type service within the Bell Centre. The section is called "Club Desjardins" and the concessions are included with the price of the ticket.

    First heading under "Tickets"


    Finally, it is clear the third Anonymous comment has no inkling regarding the background of the man behind the blog. It is somewhat ironic in fact. I think the lesson today is "do not bite the hand that feeds you" even if it is information.