Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting TV Show Alert

Airing tonight at 10pm EST on CBC Newsworld's The Lens is a show entitled, "My Big Fat Diet".

My Big Fat Diet chronicles a fascinating experiment whereby a small Canadian community of Namgis First Nations give up their westernized diets for a year and return to their roots eating much more traditional first nation fares.

Basically the entire community goes on Atkins.

What happens next doesn't surprise me, but will sure make for great television and research.

The community loses weight - lots of it. They also get healthier.

The lens has a fabulous website with a tremendous amount of information on the show and if you'd like to watch a clip before tonight, simply click here.

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  1. This looks like a great show. I am so tired of the generally negative press that reduced-carbohydrate eating plans receive (and the fact that they are all lumped together as "Atkins Diet"). There has been an abundance of scientific literature released over the past 5 years showing the benefits of this stype of eating - from weight loss to improved cardiovasular health to improved blood sugars. Not to mention the older evidance that everyone seems to have "forgetten" - documented so well by Gary Taubes in "Good Calories Bad Calories".

    From personal experience, switching to this style of eating has changed my life - I have lost weight and feel a million times better than I ever have. All health markers have improved - blood lipids, blood sugar, liver enzymes, abdominal obesity. Amazing.

    Why is mainstream medicine and nutrition so closed-minded when it comes to this style of eating? Although, having asked that, I should note that it is getting better. Many MDs are now recommending it to their patients. As well, the American Diabetes Association, in their most recent clinical practice guidelines, endorsed reduced carbohydrate diets as an appropriate option for managing blood sugars and weight. The tide is turing. This may not be the ultimate plan for everyone -some people do better with a high-carb diet. But not all of us.

  2. I'm interested in watching this show and seeing the reality of how this diet actually works. I love how it shows the progress of more than one person so the viewers can see how the diet can work for different body types and personalities. I hope this encourages others in society to give it a try.