Friday, June 27, 2008

My New Favourite Gameshow?

It's from the UK and it's called "Distraction".

Goal is to answer questions without being "distracted".

Today for Funny Friday - is it easy to answer buzzer questions when the buzzer is surrounded by cacti? Oh, and if you think it seems only mildly silly at the beginning....make sure you watch through to at least the 30 second mark.

Have a great weekend!

[Hat tip to BMI's fitness director Rob]

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  1. Anonymous10:12 am

    I suddenly feel better about all those years playing Reach for the Top

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    LOL! What a great way to start the day. That was hilarious!! I don't know how the host manages to keep a straight face....

  3. Anonymous9:23 am

    It airs here in Canada on The Comedy Network. Have you seen the final round when they win a car but if they answer questions wrong, the contestant who came in second gets to help destroy the car (spray painting grafitti or smashing it with a sledgehammer)?