Monday, June 16, 2008

Philadelphia Police "Reward" Kids with Pizza and Slurpees

Here's the plan.

A police officer sees a child between the ages of 7-12 do a good deed.

The officer issues the child a "positive ticket".

The ticket consists of a coupon for a free Slurpee, Wendy's Frostie, Applebee's child entree or a slice of pizza, teaching the child that good deeds are rewarded with junk food. Oh, and that junk food is therefore considered a good choice by someone children look up to - police officers.

Strange plan for a State where the 18% rate of overweight and obesity in its children exceeds the national average (a number that jumps to a truly frightening 27% among Philadelphian low-income 2-5 year olds).

Sheer genius.


[Update: My wonderful wife just informed me that during Ottawa's kindness week, our police officers give out coupons for junk food to children too. Consider this post my shot across the bow, more to follow on Ottawa's "kindness" tickets.]

[Via Slashfood]

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  1. Also in the good 'ole US, there are "Click It or Ticket campaigns" where police randomly stop vehicles and "issue" McDonald's coupons for those that are buckled up (as a reward). I think this is absolutely absurd.

  2. I hate that we do this. We all grow up seeing food - especially junk food - as a reward which allows our brains to encourage our over-consumption of junk. We should be training our children to use food as sustenance and eat when they are actually hungry and eat what their bodies actually need. So what is the answer - what is a better reward that is inexpensive and qualifies as a reward for anybody?

    1. Coupons to city run sports facilities and community centers would be an obvious option.