Monday, November 16, 2009

Badvertising: Cookies "more nutritious" than milk!


Dare Simple Pleasures Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate Cookies.

"Why does the milk have to be more nutritious than the cookie."

Want to go through their badvertising claims?

"Source of Calcium"
- Yup. Each cookie contains a whopping 3% of your total daily recommended calcium intake.

"Whole grains"
- Yup. If you look carefully at the ingredients you'll notice that not the first (that's refined wheat flour), not the second (that's pure white table sugar) but the third ingredient is rolled oats.

"Cholesterol Free"
- Yup. So what if the cholesterol a food contains doesn't really have much of a bearing on your blood cholesterol levels?

"Trans-fat Free"
- Yup. Something to brag about. Is there a mainstream cookie left that still has trans-fat?

"Low in saturated fat"
- Yup. 1 gram per cookie. Huzzah?

I can only suppose that Dare thinks their customers are either too stupid, too lazy or too misinformed to read actual food labels or think about what they're reading.

I wonder what that says about Dare as a company?

Listen, go ahead, enjoy a cookie from time to time, but don't kid yourself into thinking it's "nutritious". "Less bad" is not the same as "good".

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  1. It bothers me so much that companies put trans free and chemical free on a box and people will rush to buy their product. Free of those two things doesn't mean it's healthy!

    Have you heard of MacMillans? Many schools use their products for fundraising activities. They use organic and trans free to describe their products often. If you read the ingredients the products are loaded with other potentially harmful ingredients. Why don't companies just market their products as treats?

  2. What a great blog you have.
    I can't remember how I found it. I have lost 52 pounds thanks to Jill Knapps blog at get up and get moving. It always helps to find other good ones.

  3. Anonymous11:25 pm

    I've been waiting for you to nail those stupid cookie ads!

    BTW, if you compared two cookies to a 250 mL glass of chocolate milk, which would be worse? Just curious...

  4. Much as milk's not magical, the nutritive value of a glass of milk certainly exceeds that of 2 of these cookies.

    BTW - if you see an ad you think I should be blasting - send it my way!

  5. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Trans-fat free? Oh, dear, I didn't know cookies had trans fats in the first place. Is nothing sacred nowadays?