Saturday, November 07, 2009

Odds, ends and help wanted!

It's one of those rare weekend posts.

A quickie though.

First I wanted to let Ottawa based personal trainers know that my office, the Bariatric Medical Institute, is looking for someone for part-time work. Some group classes and some one on one. Unfortunately our fabulous trainer Kelly decided that for some reason job security, benefits and pensions were more important to her than making us happy and she's taking a job with Canada Post. Good for her. Bad for us. If you're an Ottawa based trainer who's interested, or know an Ottawa based trainer who's great please give Rob Matthews, our fitness director, a shout (click here to email him).

Secondly I wanted to let you know of a pending post. It's my review of Food Inc. A great movie but be forewarned, it tends to change your eating habits. In my case it's had me shy away from store bought ground beef. To that end I've decided to start grinding my own ground beef and I'm going to have some help. The folks from who have all sorts of kitchenware for sale have offered to send me a fancy meat grinder for a review. I've also read somewhere that brisket makes the best burgers. I'll be putting both the meat grinder and the brisket to the test in the coming weeks (yes, I know, red meat's bad - that said I've always preached it's about having the smallest amount of bad food in your life that you need to be happy and frankly I need an occasional burger to be happy!).

Enjoy your weekends!

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  1. Amanda10:41 am

    Maybe try a delicious vegetable based burger instead.

    Food Inc. Scared me off all meat and I don't miss it or crave it one bit! Some scary stuff going on in our meat industry. I'd rather not support such companies that openly feed us chemicals, hormones and diseases.

  2. There's nothing inherently wrong with red meat -- it's factory farmed red meat that's the problem.

    Grass fed and finished beef has a far better fat profile and is much, much healthier than corn and soy fed beef cattle.

  3. Red meat is bad, unless you're a type 2 diabetic successfully controlling her blood sugar by low-carbing.

    Um... I wouldn't eat red meat at all if I didn't buy organic meat (which is periodically clearanced at the store near my home because they always overprice it to start with). I used to be a vegetarian, dammit. (weeps over beans and rice)