Sunday, November 01, 2009

Weekend listening - Sunday House Call

I first met my friend Dr. Barry Dworkin in 2004 when he invited me onto his show to discuss my office's approach to weight management and since then I've enjoyed many visits back to chat with him.

Barry's a family physician and since 2003 he's been a broadcaster, first locally and now nationally, with his radio show Sunday House Call.

Barry's show runs Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm EST and recently Barry launched his own website, where he's collected many of his interviews.

I have many favourites but if you've only got time for a brief listen today have a listen to Barry chat with Dr. Brian Wansink. Dr. Wansink is the director of Cornell's Food and Brand Lab and his research focuses on why we tend to eat mindlessly and what we can do about it. He's a fascinating researcher and an entertaining interviewee.

Barry's a stand up guy, an evidence based physician and a great listen.