Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frankenfood: Domino's Bread Bowl Pasta

My wonderful wife noticed this in a recent flyer and peeked online.

You ready for this?

3-cheese mac and cheese bread bowl? 730 calories, 14g saturated fat, 1g trans fat and 1,420mg sodium.

Yup, that's bad, but not that bad. Is this really a Frankenfood?

Those numbers?

They're for "1 serving". According to Domino's nutritional information chart each serving of bread bowl pasta is half a bowl.

Funny, looking at the advertisement I scanned in above it doesn't mention anywhere it's meant to serve 2.

What that means of course is that one of these monstrosities packs 1,460 calories, 28g of saturated fat, 2g trans fat and 2,840mg sodium (comparable to 3 Big Macs), and unlike some of the other Frankenfoods I've had on here it doesn't look or sound even remotely worth its calories.

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  1. D. Ouellette8:50 am

    And let's not forget the 90g of carbs for half a bowl! A complete bowl would be close to what we recommend in terms of carbs for a whole day for people with diabetes!!!!

  2. 1460 calories!!!

    How long is it going to be before there are class action lawsuits against food producers that make this crap.

    Just like the cigarette manufacturers, Dominos et al know that this stuff isn't good for our health

  3. Plus, they just sound disgusting. Who wants pasta sitting in soggy bread?!

  4. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Not only do the ads not mention the Bread Bowl is supposed to be 2 servings, the flier I got has a special:

    "Pasta for Two" deal that includes 2 bread bowls, 2 cans of pop and an order of cheesy bread.

    Interesting that "Pasta for Two" comes with 2 bread bowls if a single one is supposed to serve 2. . .