Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The City of Toronto pushes Coca-Cola on children.

June 11th is "Coca-Cola Fun Day" at the Toronto Zoo!


The Zoo, owned by the City of Toronto, is offering children under 12, free admission to the Zoo if they bring in a Coca-Cola product label.

And what will they get aside from admission?

"It will be a whole day of Coca-Cola® fun with sampling, prizes and more!"

Should the City of Toronto really be helping to push, sell and polish a brand whose products are so excruciatingly linked to excess calories and childhood obesity, let alone in an event that explicitly targets kids under 12?

Horrifying, short-sighted, and just plain stupid.

Oh, and hey, Coca-Cola, I had a peek at your "commitment" regarding the Children's Advertising Initiative.

In it you state,
"We are committed not to directly market messages for any of our beverages to children under 12."
Hmmm. Wouldn't,
"a whole day of Coca-Cola® fun with sampling, prizes and more!",
at an event where your marketing hook is that kids under 12 get in free, constitute directly marketing your messages to the very population you're apparently "committed" to not directly market to?


Thankfully Coca-Cola, the copy of your commitment I looked at is electronic. I'm thankful of course, because it clearly wouldn't have been worth the paper I'd have had to print it on.

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  1. Rosemary7:28 am

    Not to mention the awful conditions that those animals are living under.. No surprise that the Toronto Zoo is now in bed with Coke. They've been bleeding money for years now and their facilities are run down and decrepit. When will people wake up and stop using animals, removed from their natural environments, for pleasure and entertainment? I am not surprised at this initiative because it will work in getting people through the door. The same parental morons that would take their children to the zoo in the first place probably ate a loaf of Wonderbread for breakfast and washed it down with an Orange Crush.

  2. Personal responsibility for what put into our bodies is the only way that we, as individuals, can operate and survive. The government and corporations have their interest as their driving force. This is true from the Canada Food Guide, through speed tax (photo radar), the Zoo, Coke, municipal bylaws that control development, to road signage. A mix of public safety, but mainly about the money.

  3. They obviously don't care about the health of their children