Saturday, October 15, 2011

Et Voila! Diet Doctor settles suit. "Secrets" safe.

As I opined a few days ago, Dr. Bernstein's diet "secrets" will stay, well, "secret".

The lawsuit he launched against Dr. Scott Seagrist, and Dr. Seagrist's subsequent countersuit, have been settled, just 3 days after the judge ruled that the court would be "open" and we'd learn about Dr. Bernstein's, "Quantum Weight Loss" and B vitamin injections.

I'm guessing it's Seagrist's pockets that are fuller, as I don't believe that there are any secret weight loss formulas, and if there's no secret formula, it'd sure be tough to sue your ex-partner.

But putting aside the question of whether or not Dr. Bernstein truly has an efficacious and reproducible "secret", what do you think of the ethics involved with a doctor who having found a "secret formula" that helps to treat a medical condition, then decides to fight in court to keep it secret?