Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The food industry preys on your children after school too

And I'm not talking television commercials.

So yesterday's guest post detailed the food industry and how their involvement during and in school undermines parental guidance.

Well what about after school?

Just a few weeks ago I attended the Obesity Society's 2011 Annual Meeting in Orlando. Also at our convention center? The Florida After School Alliance who according to their website,

"was founded in 1988 to support professionals in creating quality out-of-school experience for children & youth. FASA provides leadership, support & training opportunities for professionals who serve schoolage children in a variety of after school settings"
Want to know who sponsored the conference?

Pretty much a who's who in highly processed, and oftentimes nutritionally wanting food manufacturers.

Kellogg's, Mars Chocolate, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Con Agra, Sara Lee, Pepsico (including FritoLay) and Del Monte.

Think they just give the Florida After School Alliance money and don't get involved any other way?

Me neither.

Guess those Florida Moms and Dads will have to utter a whole lotta after school "No"s to be good parents.

We sure must all be great parents given parental "no"s are regularly trotted out as society's fair answer to more than a billion dollars a year of predatory marketing.