Friday, May 25, 2012

Teaching the Young Bloods How It's Done

I might not love Pepsi Co., but there's no denying this is one helluva entertaining ad.

Today's Funny Friday stars NBA rookie of the year Kyrie Irving.

Have a great weekend!

(email subscribers, you've got to head over to the blog to watch)

[Hat tip to LIVESTRONG's Adam Bornstein]

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  1. Kelly-Anne H10:27 am

    That was great! Thanks!

  2. Toooooo funny, hey have you watch Weight of the Nation? I have just started watching it, it is great!

  3. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Doc, everyone may be in on the secret by now, but I think your intro to this charming clip gives away the "punchline." The denouement was meant, I'm guessing, to be a surprise.