Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ontario Medical Association Effectively Calls Out Heart and Stroke Foundation BS

While I'll be blogging more about the significance of the OMA's call to action early next week, today's blog's a quickie.

Have a gander at the photo up above.

That's the warning label that the OMA wants to place on grape juice (and presumably other juices as well). They want a warning because there's risk to the regular consumption of grape juice - a beverage I've labeled the world's least healthy beverage - in that it contains roughly double the calories and sugar of Coca-Cola. 10 ridiculous teaspoons of sugar per glass.

Now contrast the proposed label from the OMA up above to the actual label from the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check program on grape juice down below. What's that Health Check logo for again? Here's the Heart and Stroke Foundation's explanation,
"The Health Check logo tells you the food or menu item has been reviewed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians and can contribute to an overall healthy diet."

As far as I'm concerned, the only options that would explain the Heart and Stroke Foundation's endorsement of juice as something that contributes to an overall healthy diet are, ignorance, pigheaded stubbornness, or greed.

And given the American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Pediatric Society have both long ago come out to recommend a half cup juice maximum for younger children and 1 cup maximum for everyone else, I'd say ignorance is the least likely option.