Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Senior Coca-Cola Executive Calls Eating at McDonald's "Shameful"

Perhaps more ironic than the fact Coca-Cola's Canadian Director of Communications and Public Affairs referred to eating at longtime partner McDonald's as "shameful" is the fact that I disagree.

I don't think eating at McDonald's is "shameful". Heck, I don't even think drinking Coca-Cola is "shameful".

Of course I don't think either are "healthful" behaviours, and would argue that done regularly both could be "harmful", but I wouldn't use the value judgement of "shameful" to describe them.

Examples of what I would consider "shameful" behaviours would include corporate sugar water lobbyists suggesting their products don't contribute to ill health, Coca-Cola executives claiming sugar-water branded dance parties and video games don't prey on youth, and of course Coca-Cola's regular claim that they never target children with their advertising.

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  1. Anonymous7:51 am

    If I'm a McDonald's executive, I'm not all that happy that one of our corporate partners is 'ashamed' to have eaten at my restaurant. Interesting!

  2. Anonymous9:58 am

    While not flattering to McDonald's, I think the comment has more to do with having both pizza and McDonald's on the same day.

  3. Anonymous12:36 pm

    While I completely agree with the idea that eating at any restaurant and drinking any drink is not inherently shameful, it seem clear to me that she was actually making a self-deprecating joke. The only shameful thing about it is that an executive of a major force like Coca Cola would say something like that on Twitter, one of the more public places to diss a long time partner. The gargantuan obtuseness is breath taking.

  4. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Not "shameful," I'd agree; rather, deeply unappealing (at least to me).

  5. Anonymous5:35 pm

    HAHA I love the corporate finger pointing!! Anything to get the spot light off of themselves for a bit so they can regain their money grabbing stride!

  6. I thought McDonalds was healthy?