Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WTF? An Insane Parental "No" File from London's Children's Museum


That's exactly what I did when I opened the email that contained the photo up above (I think I may have swore too).

It was snapped just a few weeks ago in the London Children's Museum where for reasons I can't fathom they have a miniature McDonald's set up for kids to play in. Here's another shot that I found online:

So if you're a parent who's trying to limit your kids' exposures to fast food I guess you'll have to just say "No" and cross this museum off of your to visit list.

And while that's certainly something in every parent's power, can anyone out there explain to me WTF a mini McDonald's is doing inside a children's museum?

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  1. -creating patients for the medical system. Without the fast food and processed food industries, the medical profession would be a lot smaller. Add pharma and these are symbiotic industries.

    Sorry about the attitude. Sometimes the obvious just has to be said.

  2. Add this faux pas to London's resume which includes racial hockey statements (remember the banana incident)and student riots on Fleming St. I'm proud to live there.

    London is also proud of their safety village which teaches kids the rules of fire and traffic safety. Check out this pic and look in the background. They also encourage kids to drive to McDonald's (hell...why walk?!)


    1. A few years ago I won a $25 Toys R Us gift card - I went to buy some "healthy toys" for the local Christmas toy drive. I could only find one set that met my criteria. The others were for desserts, fast food and McDonalds' playsets. Not surprised by this at all.

  3. Anonymous9:31 am

    There is a mini-McDonalds at the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum as well....although without the drive-through....

  4. Anonymous10:35 am

    WTF is right...and FredT, you are absolutely right.

  5. Anonymous10:50 am

    I would venture a guess that there's sponsorship money at play here (follow the money...). Museums and other non-profits often have to take funding from any source that will offer it to remain viable. And big food and oil are industries that seem most ready to drop the bucks. Far from ideal, but operational realities.

  6. Anonymous12:05 pm

    In the US, the Strong National Museum of Play (Rochester NY) has a miniature Wegmans supermarket. Not quite as bad on the junk-food front (Taco Bell and KFC in the food court has that all locked up), but certainly very good at encouraging small minds to become life-long consumers.

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    I've been here a few times... The same area has a grocey store and a kitchen... But I agree the kids love the mcdonals area. My guess is that they love to go 'behind the counter' and not much more. But if you take you kids to McDonalds, well then they reconize it... And the same can be said about the grocey store. Don't ask the children's museum to teach your kids Choices are alway in reach, so let parents teach them to make good choices...