Monday, October 29, 2012

Wanna See What We're Giving Out for Halloween?

Hey a feel-good story for once!

Took my kids to skating this past weekend at that same sports and recreation facility that serves the atrocious food.

Was thrilled to find these coupons. They cost $1 each (sold in books of 10) and they entitle the recipient to a free skate or swim. They're being sold in each and every city run recreation facility in Ottawa so if you're interested, you've still got a few days to return the candy and pick these up.

My only complaint is the cost. We live in a neighbourhood with fairly few kids so the 30 that we bought will likely last the night.

Where we used to live I'm guessing we'd easily have between 100-200 kids. If they could price them down to $0.25 I'm thinking they'd be much more readily adopted.

While I realize you might not have a similar opportunity near you, in previous years we've handed out little playdohs, stickers, temporary tattoos and sugar-free gum. And as far as acceptance goes - we have yet to be egged.

On Halloween overall, stay tuned for my post on US News and World Report on Wednesday regarding my thoughts therein.

Have a scary one!

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  1. QuietSunshine9:59 am

    We bought those last year, but if I recall correctly they were only good for a swim so it's great they have expanded it.

    We usually have 30-40 kids, so I purchased 40, we only had 12 kids so luckily I have a Spark unit that I was able to give a lot of them to and I used a few with my daughter.

    Still it's great and brings the price down for a family swim!

  2. I like idea of giving out exercise, whether they realize it or not.

    I just pass out loonies. My ethics, and knowing how damaging sugar in any form is, prevent me from giving it out, and would prevent me from selling it or any damaging foods to kids.

    Further, I do not think Halloween, or any "supernatural or religious" holidays of anyone should be publicly celebrated.


  3. Here are some great tips to keep the junk a bit more in check. Use these ideas for Halloween parties and for goodies to give away. Enjoy!

    1. This is a fantastic resource page. Thanks Lori for sharing!

  4. Those are fantastic! I'm thinking that with Frankenstorm coming on in, I probably won't get too many kids. Maybe I'll pick up a few books, and have candy as a back-up when the books run out. What a great idea. And I could use the leftovers for my own kids. :D

  5. Hilary11:29 am

    Okay, it may sound crazy, but this post totally changed my outlook on Halloween! When I was a kid and some neighbour is thinking about my best interests - giving away toothbrushes, pennies, and apples, I HATED it! It was such a bummmer. And now as an adult, I always just gave out candy, because I figured it was better than being a prude and giving out lame stuff. Just these couple of ideas got me thinking that just because I dont want to give piles sugar to kids doesn't make me a party pooper! These coupons are an awesome idea, so are tatoos and playdough, I would've been happy to get those things as a kid. You are a genius.

  6. I'm making glow in the dark slime in individual baggies for kids over 3yrs. I think kids will think it's cool. I don't even know if kids say "cool" anymore...

  7. Breanne - that's an awesome idea! Can you provide the recipe?

  8. I love the coupons available for you in Ottawa! Thanks everyone for posting all of the great ideas.

    I try to go healthy but still a bit of a treat. I purchase 100% juice boxes and granola bars for our kiddies. This is my 3rd year in a row and I always have excited kids at my door!

  9. Anonymous11:47 am

    Although it's a cool idea, I would go broke giving those out, since we usually get between 120 and 150 kids!