Saturday, December 01, 2012

Saturday Stories: Facebook vs. Health Check, Denmark's Dead Fat Tax & Dairy

So Global News published a piece about my criticism of the Heart and Stroke Foundation's misleading Health Check. Then they asked for public opinion on Facebook. As of my typing this, of the responses that were either critical or supportive of Health Check, 25 of 27 were highly critical..

Marion Nestle talks about the demise of the poorly thought through Danish fat tax.

Yale's David Katz brilliantly summarizes the evidence on whether dairy is magic fairy food, or Satan sauce.

[And if you're not a Facebook or Twitter person, here's my weekly US News and World Report column - Of course there's such a thing as a bad food]

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1 comment:

  1. darn, that's too bad about the fat tax.

    in Canada the same arguments would be made wouldn't they - more expensive food = way more cross border shopping.

    Probably politically more viable to provide subsidies for real food ... maybe carve out tax exemptions/credits for supermarkets & shops that prove they carry no chocolate bars, and instead have fruit in those racks.

    But of course what store will do that ... they would probably be too scared to get rid of what's perceived as a major profit centre.