Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Badvertising: Belvita Breakfast Cookies Are Filled with "Sustained Energy"

Thanks to Alison Thomas for sending these my way.

They're Belivta's new "breakfast biscuits" and they're being marketed as a great accompaniment to breakfast as they apparently provide, "sustained energy".

If you're a regular reader here I'm guessing you'll know what "sustained energy" is usually a euphemism for. Sugar.

Eat a 4 pack and you'll be packing in just over 3 teaspoons of "energy" with a smattering of fibre and protein. Sugar wise it's the same amount you'd get if you ate a 4 pack of Oreos.

And of course you'll be buying into the notion that health and nutrition short cuts exist.

Now I wasn't at all surprised to learn that Kraft was using slick marketing to try to not only sell cookies for breakfast but to suggest they're healthful. I was however surprised to find a video featuring registered dietitian and author of The Sonoma Diet Dr. Connie Guttersen telling viewers that yes indeed,
"Belivita is perfect for your on the go lifestyle because it's convenient and nutritious."