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Diet Book Review: Wheat Belly

[Full Disclosure: I was sent a free review copy by the publisher.]

You know I've been blogging now for 8 years, and while diet books have come and gone, I've never had more requests to review one than I've had to review Wheat Belly.

So last week, while I was on vacation, I hauled Wheat Belly with me.

So before my review, here's what I'm not going to do. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel and criticize the science or lack thereof. Not because there's nothing to explore, but rather because others have already done so, and they've done so well. Here’s Melissa McEwen of Hunt, Gather, Love on some of Wheat Belly's many claims, here's Professor Julie Jones' academic's take, here's psychiatrist and blogger Dr. Emily Deans on Dr. Davis' claims regarding wheat and mental illness, and here's my good friend Tim Caulfield and Dr. Davis debating Wheat Belly on CBC's Q.

What I'd like to discuss is the diet itself.

So is it really, "Lose the Wheat Lose the Weight" like the book jacket says? No. It's lose the wheat - and also most other carbs and a bunch of other foods - and lose the weight, because according to Dr. Davis, if you lose the wheat but replace the wheat with the "wrong" foods (bolding mine),
"you've achieved very little. And you may indeed become deficient in several important nutrients, as well as continue in the unique American shared experience of getting fat and becoming diabetic"
And here I thought wheat was the world's worst food. Seems odd that losing the wheat - a food which according to Davis is basically a highly toxic genetic abomination - regardless of what it's replaced with, would, "achieve very little".

Way down below is an extensive list of the foods allowed and disallowed by Dr. Davis' diet, but given that at the end of the day his admonition is to cut out not only wheat, but also pretty much every other source of carbohydrate, and to keep total carbs at between 50-100grams a day (and if you're diabetic, less than 30g a day), truly this is just Atkins minus cured meats, repackaged with a scary, theoretical narrative and a great book title.

Perhaps the strangest part of Wheat Belly's dietary recommendations are the book's included menu plans and recipes.

As with all of my diet book reviews I calculated the calories the first day provides. Based on the ranges of servings Dr. Davis suggests would be appropriate Day 1 would provide a minimum of 2,156 calories and a maximum of 2,996 calories.

Not exactly weight loss material.

So I decided to calculate the last day as well (maybe calories start high and go low?). I came up with a minimum of 3,518 calories and a maximum of 3,719 calories.

Here's hoping whoever picks up the book doesn't actually bother with Dr. Davis' menu and recipe suggestions as it would seem to me that doing so would certainly not lead to weight loss, but rather would likely lead to gain. That is, unless of course you decide to fast a whole bunch. That shouldn't be a problem because according to Dr. Davis wheat free people are never hungry and can fast, "nearly effortlessly" for, "18, 24, 36, 72 or more hours with little or no discomfort"!?

And please don't expect to enjoy going wheat free. According to Dr. Davis for some going wheat free,
"can be a distinctly unpleasant experience on par with a root canal or living with your in-laws for a month"
The kindest way for me to describe Wheat Belly is as the Atkins diet wrapped in one physician's broad sweeping, yet not particularly well backed up by evidence theory, that wheat's modern genetic modifications are responsible for the majority of society's ills. The harshest would be that Dr. Davis has eschewed his medical responsibility to ensure that the information he conveys to the public while wearing his MD hat is firmly supported by and grounded in science (or at the very least point out when a view is highly preliminary and theoretical), and instead, uses his MD platform to push his own personal theory onto a trusting, vulnerable, and desperate public, as nearly irrefutably factual and scientific.

To gain an appreciation as to the scope of Dr. Davis' concerns about wheat, while reading I compiled a list of those conditions that he reports are either caused by wheat's consumption, or cured by its dietary removal. I also compiled a list of more nebulous feel better claims and of the physical manifestations Dr. Davis reports a person quitting wheat might enjoy. The lists are down below but if reading's not your thing, I've created a short video highlighting a hypothetical visit to Dr. Davis' office which includes these same lists.

To sum up - I'm not at all opposed to low-carb diets, and agree with Dr. Davis that our society eats far too much in the way of highly processed carbohydrates, and that if we could simply cultivate love affairs with our kitchens our health would improve by leaps and bounds. No doubt for many people low carb diets do prove to be helpful in enabling both weight management and healthful lifestyles, and I'm not even remotely concerned about low-carb health risks as the medical evidence to date doesn't really suggest that there are any worth worrying about. So if low-carb's your thing, feel free to pick up Wheat Belly (just don't bother with the recipes), but please just skip straight through to the dietary recommendations. Or if you'd like to save a few dollars, just grab a used copy of Atkins and eschew the bacon.

And lastly, as always, I'll remind you - regardless of the impact of your diet on your weight and/or health, unless you actually like the life you're living (and the food and dietary style you're eating), you're not likely to keep living that way.

[My favorite quote from Wheat Belly had to be this one, "Wheat of course, was my first thought". It was Dr. Davis describing an interaction with a patient with alopecia areata, and yet somehow I'm guessing, it describes Dr. Davis' first thought with pretty much any patient who walks into his office, perhaps even regardless of their presenting complaint.]

Dr. Davis' list of conditions caused by consuming, or treated by removing, wheat:
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Acid reflux
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Schizophrenia
  • Autism
  • Breast cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Celiac disease (with Davis' modern wheat increasing its incidence)
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cataracts
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • "Kidney disease"
  • Dry eyes
  • Alzheimers
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Non-alcoholic steatosis
  • Heart disease
  • Cerebellar ataxia
  • Nystagmus
  • Myoclonus
  • Chorea
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • "Gluten Encephalopathy"
  • Migraines
  • Dementia
  • Seizure disorders
  • ADHD
  • Acne
  • Gangrene
  • Skin ulceration
  • Dermatitis herpetiformis
  • Intestinal lymphoma
  • Angular chelitis
  • Glossitis
  • Cutaneous vasculitis
  • Acanthosis nigricans
  • Erythema nodosum
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Behçet's diseases
  • Dermatomyositis
  • Icthyosiform dermatoses
  • Pyoderma gangrenosum
  • Alopecia areata
  • Gynecomastia
  • Leg edema
  • Bipolar illness
  • Dandruff
What Dr. Davis promises removing wheat will do for your general well being:
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve mood
  • Reduce mood swings
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Slow skin aging
  • Improve coordination
What Dr. Davis reports will disappear with wheat's removal (his terminologies, not mine):
  • Wheat bellies
  • Food babies
  • Michelin tires
  • Love handles
  • Wrinkles
  • Man boobs
  • Man cans
  • Mental fog
  • Pretzel brains
  • Bagel bowels
  • Biscuit faces
  • Bagel faces
What other than wheat can't you eat on Dr. Davis' Wheat Belly diet?
  • Cornstarch and cornmeal (tacos, tortillas, breakfast cereals, corn chips, corn bread, sauces and gravies thickened with cornstarch)
  • Snack food (potato chips, rice cakes, popcorn)
  • Dessert including cakes, cookies, ice cream, chips, dry roasted peanuts, fruit fillings, granola and granola bars, licorice, nut bars, pies, tortilla chips, trail mix)
  • Rice (all types to less than 1/2 cup per day)
  • Potatoes
  • Legumes (all beans, chickpeas and lentils to less than 1/2 cup per day)
  • Gluten-free food
  • Fruit juices and soft drinks
  • Dried fruits
  • Bulger, kamut, barley, triticale, and rye
  • Quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat, millet, oats, amaranth, teff, chia, etc to less than 1/2 cup a day
  • Cured meats (sausages, bacon, hot dogs, salami, deli meats, etc.)
  • Self basting turkey
  • Canned meats
  • Fruit (though you're allowed small amounts - 8-10 blueberries, 2 strawberries, a few wedges of apple or orange - but markedly limit bananas, pineapple, mango, and papaya)
  • Dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk and butter to no more than 1 or 2 servings daily)
  • Soy products
  • Fried foods
  • Sugary condiments or sweeteners including ketchup, malt vinegar, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce
  • Beer
  • Scotch
  • Wine coolers
  • Vodka
  • Flavoured teas
  • Blue cheese
  • Hydrolyzed and textured vegetable protein
  • Energy, protein and meal replacement bars
  • Veggie burgers and mock meat products
What are you actually allowed to eat on Dr. Davis' Wheat Belly diet?
  • Vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Oil
  • Eggs
  • Raw nuts
  • Uncured Meats
  • Non sugary condiments
  • Ground flaxseed
  • Avocado
  • Olives
  • Coconut
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Raw seeds
  • Herbs and spices

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  1. Wow. Thanks for the excellent review! I've avoided the Wheat Belly discussions, despite the fact that I'm a wheat avoider myself for GI issues, and now I see that I did so for good reason. The list of foods you're allowed to eat is so incredibly restrictive, and clearly (as you say) this counteracts his hypothesis that its all about the wheat. You'll lose weight beacuse you're not eating the majority of foods, not because you avoid wheat.

    1. management doc2:58 pm

      This is an excellent review? I hardly think so. The Wheat Belly Book is quite accurate in attributing all the maladies you listed as having wheat consumption as the "root of all evil". I'm surprised at how many points you missed in your "review" of Wheat Belly. Surely, your reading comprehension couldn't have been that bad or you wouldn't have gotten through medical school!! Dr. Davis' main point in all of this is that wheat is a toxic substance and causes varying degrees of inflamation in virtually every person who consumes wheat. This inflamation wreaks havoc on the immune, endrocrine, nervous,digestive, etc. systems throughout the body...again....through varying degrees in each person. Since you claim medical credentials, surely you must be familiar and agree with these concepts I've just pointed out to you!!

    2. "The Wheat Belly Book is quite accurate in attributing all the maladies you listed as having wheat consumption as the "root of all evil" "

      I've yet to see concrete science regarding this claim or this one:

      Dr. Davis' main point in all of this is that wheat is a toxic substance and causes varying degrees of inflamation in virtually every person who consumes wheat. This inflamation wreaks havoc on the immune, endrocrine, nervous,digestive, etc. systems throughout the body...again....through varying degrees in each person.

      I'm not talking about processed wheat here, just natural unaltered wheat.

      No science has clearly shown it to be as dangerous as many claim.

    3. Anonymous8:29 am

      "I'm not talking about processed wheat here, just natural unaltered wheat."

      According to Dr. Davis, there is NO SUCH THING as unaltered wheat. And, therein lies the problem.

    4. If you're talking about unaltered wheat then you and Dr. Davis aren't talking about the same wheat. If you know where to find "unaltered wheat", please share because I've yet to find it in the US anywhere or in any product.

    5. Anonymous5:18 pm

      This review is atrocious, inaccurate, and full of exaggerations. I gained nothing from reading it. All I read is a pile of skepticism and naysaying.
      It was all negative, I doublt you even read the whole book. And what's up with the "foods you can't eat list" half that list you CAN eat, just restricted amounts, which is normal,.. we should be restricting the AMOUNT of food we eat, this is half the problem.
      There are countless scientific studies referenced in the book to back up all of Davis's claims. Why all the aggressive skepticism? I don't get it, why not try cutting wheat out of your diet then come back and write a review, then you might actually have something to say worth reading about.

    6. Anonymous8:56 am

      Agreed. Look up the Glycemic Index of wheat. It spikes blood sugar higher than sugar! It's a very inflammation triggering food. It also binds to the same brain receptors as opioids (i.e.- morphine)! Carb addiction is not just a theory folks! Dr. Davis' advises avoiding GMO foods too, hence corn, wheat, soy. Read package ingredients the next time you shop and see for yourself. Pumping these 3 into foods, throws off our omega-6:3 ratio--> bad for heart health. I appreciate doctors who take reasonable risk to fight the big monster industries that endorse med schools to brainwash most physicians to naysay if it doesn't align with...oh let's say the FDA. FDA deems arsenic, mercury in fish and vaccines, chemo in babies, sodium nitrites, cow pus in milk, propylene glycol, triclosan (I can keep going if you like) SAFE??? But fresh milk as DANGEROUS? I'll place my trust in Dr. Davis before I would these profit driven monopolies. Davis obviously spent way more time analyzing this than Dr. Freedhoff. Don't put your trust so easily into either the book, do your own research, come to your own conclusion, and don't be so quick to debunk newer thinking. The world laughed at Columbus for thinking the world was round...

    7. Anonymous3:04 pm

      "The world laughed at Columbus for thinking the world was round..."

      False. People understood that the earth could not be flat thanks to eclipses which projected the shadow of a round object well before Columbus.

    8. Anonymous9:02 pm

      I have been off of wheat for about 3 years. Prior to going off . I had become seriously I'll after a viral infection. Having 24 hour/7 day a week headache, joint and muscle pain, significant weight loss, brain fog, poor memory, poor sleep and worse! Being a nurse , I sought all the " best " medical help. And I got prescription after prescription , untill my husband finally said " your doctors are making you worse!" so I turned to a nutritionist after suffering this for 2 years under useless medical treatment , doing all their scientifically approved treatments. Funny thing... She took me off wheat and some other foods , like dairy , and guess what I got better!!!!! I still have major digestive issues when I try to eat wheat, also return of previous symptoms. Since I have had friends give up wheat with the same result!!!! Coincidence ? Doubt it. This is a typical narrow minded medical view. Most mainstream medical studies are funded by big pharma , and I have lost all confidence in mainstream medicine. Nobody can think out of the box, maybe because they won't be accepted by their peers.I've been a nurse for 25 years. I know the politics of medicine! Try the diet yourself . Then write a review.! Sorry to sound so angry, but you are denying people help. When I returned to health the Physicians were absolutely dumbfounded at my recovery!

    9. Anonymous2:37 pm

      This review and hence all the replies missed the part that stated "this applies to ALL GRAINS. Wheat is used as the example because it is the most consumed and most genetically modified ". How can an authority on diet books use calorie counts on a low carb diet? Did you ever read "Good Calories, Bad Calories "? Don't you realize that low carbers are fat burners who burn excess calories as free Heat? Maybe you can read the new book by Dr Jack Kruse

    10. Anonymous11:14 am

      I lost all faith in this review when I saw the high calorie menus being ridiculed.

    11. Anonymous7:47 pm

      Hey Anonymous, did someone run over your sacred cow. You seem to be on a mission. You are the reason people put "no soliciting" signs on their doors.

    12. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Always love when people think the root of all evil is "big pharma" - Hope you never need anything from modern medicine because you will be eating your words instead of from the small list of foods on this book's list.

    13. Anonymous10:29 am

      2 years ago i developed gastritis & Esophagitis (inflammation of the stomach & esophagus) and believe me it is painful!! all the doctor offered me was losec!! felt even worse! my herbalist told me to stop eating wheat because it causes inflammation! so i did (it was hard because i craved it so much) after a few days the inflammation started to improve, wasnt long before it went completely (and yes it returns if i eat wheat!!so i dont) i am not overweight, more likely underweight. anyway i have been grain free for a month now and have put a kilo on, sleep like a baby, dont feel sleepy in the afternoons anymore. i feel fantastic thats just after 1 month of being grain free. there is heaps of food to eat on the wheat belly diet, paleo or whatever you want to call it. mine is more a weston price diet (you can have sprouted grains if you wish on this diet but i just want to sleep after grains so i dont have them) i have butter, feta cheese, sheeps yoghurt, if i dont have the fats i want to nibble between meals. you adjust it to suit you. and before anyone harps on about fats my cholesterol is perfect.

    14. Anonymous11:57 am

      Well if not anything else you will agree everyone has an opinion about everything. Reviews and bloggers alike know what works for them and are passionate about freedom of speech. Sometimes they are right and sometime not. If you have one or more of over 100 autoimmune disease, you realize how inflammation is a part of your everyday life. The more inflammation from food and the world around us, the more diseases you have. Some runs in pairs. All I know is that you just want it to stop. That was my case, I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease. I am 63 and years of a poor diet placed a toll on my health. I had most of the conditions list in this article. Dr.s are so eager to hand out drugs to "help" but in fact they just compound the problem. I asked the question, do you want to walk or do you want to be pushed around in a wheelchair. So I started an elimination diet to determine if food allergies were the problem. I eliminated wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, all GMO's, peanuts, and restricted my sugar to 5 grams or less. After a few days of misery due to addictions to wheat and sugar, I started to lose weight, l lb a day. Food allergies were cause my weight problem. All my conditions started to disappear. My thyroid condition improved. My immune system was not under attack anymore. I went from being confined to a chair to living a productive life. I learn from reintroduction or testing of foods that wheat/grain and soy are not my friends. If you have an autoimmune thyroid you should never have them in your diet. Dairy is still a problem and I don't have it in my diet. Eggs are oK as long as they are Pastured. I never eat GMO's(soy, corn, wheat and so many more) or meats that is fed GMOS. I eat organic and grass fed meats to prevent that. My leaky gut is healed and I never want to go through that again. I will further state when I tested wheat and grain, I was bloated and gain back weight along with joint pain and brain fog in two days. That was enough proof for me. As that is the only person that I care about. I now am a wheat belly follower along with 56232 other followers. My body is not under attack. It is hard for me to understand why people must has an opinion on something they have never tried. Please remember it is your body, do with it what you want but remember it may not bring the results you want. I know what I am doing with mine. I am women hear me roar.

    15. Anonymous3:18 am

      Galileo. They laughed at Galileo for purporting the earth was round. Columbus' entire trip to the East Indies was based on the premise that the earth was round. But hey I'd rather you be ignorant of that than diet.

    16. What I have been telling my friends is : Give it a try for 30 days. I did it and have never looked back, except that I only removed wheat from the diet and it has worked. The list that you attributed to Dr Davis on "how you will feel if you give up wheat" is right on the target. But, giving up wheat was not easy. Cannot tell you how many times I went to bakeries and stopped short of buying wheat bread. Eat wheat bread sometimes, but the symptoms are such that it is becoming easy to keep the diet. Also, stopped drinking beer and have been drinking alcohol laced juices. Have lost and kept off( for 14 months) @ 20 kilos. Feel very, very happy.

    17. Anonymous5:38 pm

      I'm most surprised that you haven't grasped the book or the recipe book very well. I have been in hospital so many times for a supposed blocked bowel and made it to theatre once.
      No body had ever been able to figure out why I kept bloating so much that people would ask me if I was having a baby.
      Last admission to hospital a few weeks ago for something different a house Dr figured out right away why I had bowel issues. She asked me to download the Wheat Belly to my tablet then she answered my million and one questions.

      In the past week after staying away from wheat I have shrunk down in size to what I haven’t been in many years size 12, where I was a size 16 in Australian sizing before taking up the wheat belly diet.

      I have no idea if I have lost weight but my size is dramatic in just 7 days.

      No you don’t have to stay away from gluten free products you just have to be selective about them. Staying away from processed foods is the main aim plus high G.I foods. I have a lot still to learn but if I can loose that much sizing and not feel that I am missing out on any of my previous treats means that it is doable.

      Yes the recipes aren’t what I would call family friendly so its added incentive to do our own, with 3 chefs in my family that is also doable.

      I am stunned at the side effects I have experienced so far, I sleep better, can think way more clearly and my memory is 100% better. If that is happening in 7 days look out for the rest of my life, I am excited.

    18. Anonymous11:53 pm

      Actually, Sadie, you can find einkorn, teff, emmer, Kumut, etc. Bob's Red Mill is a good source. Dr. Davis even tried einkorn and he stated it did NOT produce the same ill side effects.

      What if it's not just the modern overly hybridized wheat but also the baking process with industrialized yeast?

  2. Thank you for your excellent review of the book "Wheat Belly". It is obvious that you spent considerable time in analyzing it's contents and I really appreciate that you provided and shared your knowledge and expertise to the public at large. Keep up the terrific work!

    1. JillOz4:49 am

      Not obvious at all, and i've read the book many times. See my comment below.

    2. Ditto. Read the book not just the reviews.

    3. Read the book.. this review is not accurate. The list of can and can't eat is misleading. He suggests limiting the intake of many of them - not "can't eat" them. It was a very interesting book.
      Why can't he use some of his observations in clinical practice to inform the reader? This is a pretty negative review of a book that I found to be interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring!
      As someone else on here wrote: What are we supposed to do? Wait 20 years until ALL the scientific studies are done? This book makes sense and because you are not a slave to counting calories all the time, it's easy. It's not a diet so much as a lifestyle choice.

    4. Anonymous7:50 pm

      There is a reason for the saying "The proof is in the pudding" Results of removing wheat from the diet speak volumes. Each person can do a quick experiment and remove wheat from the diet for 1 week. See if anything changes. If it does keep going. If not, go back to eating wheat

    5. The test is generally 8 weeks gluten free and then see how you feel. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to do this in our culture.

    6. Well, actually the test is 8 weeks and then you see how you feel. Unfortunately, it is VERY difficult to maintain a perfectly gluten free diet in the U.S..

    7. Anonymous3:44 pm

      Following this way of eating has: nearly eliminated my Type 2 Diabetes, Dropped my cholesterol by over 70 points, dropped 21 pounds and has driven my energy through the roof. I also sleep so much better. All of this after ONLY TWO MONTHS. TWO MONTHS. I took up this way of eating at my doctor's suggestion, and the proof is in my science. My personal science PROVES this way of eating works. How's that for an informative, and fact based, review??

  3. Steve6:55 am

    Thanks for the review. Any chance you could review The Paleo Solution or Mark Sisson's books? Both of each have almost cult-like followings. Sisson describes gluten as "poison". Would love to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. Jocelyn7:53 am

      Yes, like Steve, I also would love to hear your take on these. From what I know about the Paleo diet, it sounds quite similar to the Atkins diet and what Dr. Davis recommends in Wheat Belly: lots of meat, full-fat dairy but not too much, no grains of any kind (especially gluten), limited fruit, and surprise surprise, tons of veggies and no processed foods. If only people 1) limited their consumption of processed foods, and 2) increased their consumption of veggies (and fruits...they're not the devil in moderation! :)), we'd all be in a better state of health!

    2. Have skimmed, but have not taken notes for review. That said, as with Wheat Belly even, love the emphasis that all of these books put on ditching the highly processed lifestyles.

    3. Jocelyn, take it from somebody has has been Paleo for about 18 months, it is nothing like Atkins. In fact most of the well respected folks at the forefront advocate for a LOT of veggies more than anything. Yes you can have meat, preferably not industrially raised, but I wouldn't go as far as saying they "recommend a lot of meat".

      Also, despite what most like to portray, there is no "1 Paleo diet". Most take Paleo as a template, figure out what components they need, and then add based on their own personal experience.

      You can probably find a lot of zealots in Paleo, as with anything else, but in my experience there are a lot of very reasonable approaches (Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Chris Masterjohn, Chris Kresser, the Hartwig's at Whole9, Diane Sanfilippo, etc). "It Starts With Food" is a pretty reasonable approximation on where I think most people are (although not always that strict)

    4. Anonymous8:14 pm

      I agree with this reviewer. I'm always in suspect when someone claims that his/her diet cures everything. What about bacteria in the stomach...if we eliminate all of what the doctor claims we should do we get nutrients? I think cutting back on carbs is a good thing, but this is too extreme. Ps. I'm not a doctor, but I'm a critical thinker!

    5. Anonymous12:31 am

      I agree with your reply Andrew Trevors, I've been living the paleo lifestyle for a little over a year now, it's a template, you have to work out what works for you, I eat lots of veges, moderate fruit, meat and nuts and healthy oils such as avocado, nothing processed and no grains of any sort, including corn and no potatoes. I get plenty of carbs from fruit and from veg such as sweet potato. I don't miss the food pyramid diet at all and I feel great!

  4. I'm struck by the ease with which he conjures up and throws around stigmatizing words, phrases, and themes.

  5. Great thorough book review here! I wrote one recently after finishing this book. Education and awareness from multiple sources is key to any dietary change. I believe we each need to find what works for ourselves and that may not necessarily be a piece of cheesecake every morning and/or trail mix for snacks. Some people have allergy's and others are financially strained which effects what they can buy.

    Keep up the enlightening insights!

    Ryan Fahey

    1. Anonymous8:16 pm

      Right on!!

  6. Anonymous8:25 am

    I have been Paleo for quite sometime, I respectfully disagree with your assesment of Wheat Belly. Eating real food and avoiding the restrictive list is not difficult at all. My health has never been better, nor my families health. It is to bad that we can't get past the focus on fat and calories. Wheat may be a manufactured "food" group but not a necessary one. I have raw dairy,sweet potatoes and some fruit..but everything else on the restrictive list is GMO processed junk that no one should be having no matter your food belief system

    1. Really? Everything on the list is "GMO processed junk" like oats, yogurt, dried fruits and lentils? I've lost weight and am feel great eating these regularly. These are "real foods" in all senses of the phrase. I'm glad Paleo is working for you and your family - it's been working very well for friends and family of mine too - but it's probably better to be less ideological about approaches to food intake.

    2. Respectfully, calling food a "belief system" is highly problematic, in my opinion. Food is fuel. PERIOD. While avoiding the restrictive list may be easy for you, it is not necessarily true for all. I tend to agree with Dr. Freedhoff that truly sustainable healthful eating is enjoyable eating. That will be different for every person. That aside, I congratulate you on your decision to eliminate processed food in the name of health. It can be a challenge and you have every right to feel good about your food choices and that of your family's. Here's to health!

    3. Anonymous2:44 pm

      Food is fuel, so why would you want to eat nothing but the most nutritionally dense and healthful foods you can to keep your body and mind running at optimum levels? I've been paleo for a year (currently following Jaminet: Perfect Health Diet - would love to see a book review Doc). For sure it's a lot of work to source and cook nourishing foods but once you get it figured out, like anything, it becomes easier. My blood glucose levels are great, my husband lost 20 lbs and my kids have had all of 1 cold since making the change (in the past they'd get sick a few times over the course of a year). I work full time plus do all the cooking so it is possible, a lot of work but well worth it when it comes to your family's health. Another book I'd like to see reviewed is Lustig: Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease as a lot of the comments in the "What's the Food Industry to Do' video sound like Lustig.

    4. I agree,I have been doing Wheat Free for 5 months now. I have lost 24lbs, witha bit more to go, but I feel so so good. I'm never turning back. Wheat is bad!

  7. Anonymous9:26 am

    Great review, thank you! There are some more diet book reviews written by dietitians at this link

  8. Anonymous9:28 am

    There is a more complete list here, this is the better link sorry

  9. Nice review, but I have already read it and tried it. For me, an exobese person, wheat is a major problem. The main thing it makes me get hungry faster. Obesity is an endocrine disorder, and wheat upsets my endocrine system. The only way is to test it on your self.

    I have been on Maffetone two week test diet, Atkins- all four phases, Paleo, and Primal. There is not much difference. Once you remove sugar, other acellular carbohydrates, omega 6 oils, GMO products, lactose, you are left with real food. Non-factor meat is lower in omega 6 oils, which is much more satiating than factory meats. But it all comes back to obesity is an endocrine disorder, and some foods upset the endocrine system. The only solution is to get off those foods.

  10. I read your review and even though you've written it with a negative slant I don't really see any actual criticisms of his basic ideas. You say his book is simply a re-packaged version of Atkin's with the impression being that the Atkin's diet is bad and then you go on to say that you think low carb diets are valid for weight loss and that criticisms of low carb are overblown. Somewhat headscratching.

    You then get pissy about his ideas on fasting and how appetite is suppressed if you follow his recommendations. In my eyes naturally not being hungry would be a good thing, isn't it in yours?

    And criticizing his comment on how poorly a person will feel when eliminating wheat just seems plain silly - you do feel rotten until your body rids itself of all the prior effects of eating wheat - and then you feel really great (I noticed you neglected to give the entire quote). Are you saying a person should continue eating something that's unhealthy simply because the process of quitting it will be unpleasant? Great advice there...

    Frankly I don't see anything in your review where you actually refute anything he says or the studies he cites. I think he does a decent job of backing up his assertion that wheat causes a host of chronic issues with the limited evidence available today. You'll have to forgive me if I continue to not eat wheat (or other carbs for that matter) despite your comments and continue to enjoy perfect health.

    I know not a single word I say will get you to move beyond the "eat less, move more" theory of weight loss but hopefully others reading this might listen to the words of someone who's life was changed dramatically for the better by eliminating wheat and other carbs.

    1. Anonymous1:01 pm

      Bob Johnston:

      My thoughts were similar to yours when reading this book review. He doesn't refute anything that Dr Davis says, but writes in such a negative voice that one would come away from this review thinking that Wheat Belly is all wrong.

      Head scratching to say the least.

    2. I've read Dr. Freedhoff for a few years now and he has always been of the opinion that a good diet is one that people can feasible live with for a lifetime. So yes he will support low carb, but he'll also support a diet high in carbs, if that's what works for the individual.

      The comment on the fasting was obviously the ludicrous idea that people should be going for three days without food comfortably. 1. It's a guaranteed lie, and 2. It's not a healthful practice.

      He criticizes the "you'll feel poorly" mentality because people aren't going to stick with it if it make them feel horrible. If you have to feel like crap, it's already failed as a weight loss method. And the idea that you'll feel fantastic after you've what? Detoxed on wheat? Is simply an unscientific assertion. What if they continue to feel awful because they are at the point where they would sell a kidney for a baked potato or a pastrami on rye?

      Also I'm going to guess Freedhoff doesn't really care what you continue to eat. The point of this article was not to refute the use of low carb eating in general.

    3. Anonymous9:20 am

      Let's say you have a health complaint, something like an ingrown, infected toenail. You go to a doctor. The doctor performs minor surgery. He numbs the affected area. He cuts skin, exposes the toenail, trims the toenail, and bandages it. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and sends you home to recuperate. The surgery makes your foot hurt for three or more days. The antibiotics upset your digestive system for even longer. But after the recuperation everything is great.

      Does the fact that you felr like crap during the recuperation period mean that you should not have gone to the doctor? ......that you should not have undergone the procedure?

      No. That kind of logic would be crazy.

    4. Anonymous11:53 pm

      The argument isn't if it's good for you or not. The argument is if it's sustainable if it sucks. Your analogy doesn't fit. It would me more analogous to radiation therapy for cancer. Can the radiation cure cancer? Yes. Does the radiation suck (sometimes worse than the cancer)? Yes. If you go through the whole treatment, do you feel better after? Yes. Do thousands of people worldwide quit radiation therapy or never begin it to begin with because it lessens the quality of life? Yes.

      So, like was said, the issue isn't if the end result is better for you or not. It's if an individual will measure the end result (an obscure hypothetical idea) over the actual misery one is feeling at the moment.

    5. Bob Johnston:
      Well said. I agree with your comments totally!

  11. I read the book and though - yes, I do agree that the alternative diet that Dr. Davis suggests is a low-carb one, the fact that so many people today are reporting a case of celiac disease/gluten intolerances is not to be ignored. Some people simply cannot tolerate "healthy whole grains". Dr. Davis focuses a lot about weight gain in his book - IMHO, uncontrollable weight gain is associated with an endocrine disorder, not weak will-power of putting down the fork. A great observer once remarked that "excess calorie will not cause obesity in isolation". There are a myriad of complex negative feedback loops in our body that helps to regulate our weight; conscious counting calorie is not one of them.
    And from my own n=1 observations - wheat/refined flour makes me feel like a walking corpse. Potatoes/black beans makes me feel a-okay, but not in great amounts. Wheat may not "cause" obesity, per se, but Dr Davis sure presents an alterntive way of looking at the disease.

  12. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Bob Johnston and Anonymous 1:01 - perhaps you ought to re-read the third paragraph of Dr. Freedhoff's review re: his view on the science behind the Wheat Belly Diet. You must have missed that in your eagerness to find fault in his review. Further, if you believe Dr. Freedhoff to be of the very simple "eat less, move more" camp, you very clearly do not read his blog. Feel free to acquaint yourself by actually reading the words written in his blog rather than making assertions that are completely off base.

    1. If by the third paragraph you mean the section where he lists other people's blog posts on the book then I did in fact read them and for the most part they are the same thing as this review - negative reviews without really disagreeing with his message.

      If you read the Hunter, Gather, Liove review the author says she doesn't eat wheat; her issue seems to be that she got the impression that Davis said people should eat einkorn - something he didn't say at all. He just said einkorn was less bad than wheat.

      If you read Emily Deans review you find out she's another person who doesn't eat wheat but seems to be under the impression Davis says people should take naloxone to get over wheat addiction, which is also something he didn't say.

      The post from Julie Jones attempts to rebut Davis's observational and anecdotal claims with little more than conventional wisdom arguments. That a vast array of clinical trials haven't been done on eliminating wheat (or even low carb diets) can't be proof positive that Davis's claims aren't correct.

      And I don't think I was eager to find fault with his review, I think it simply wasn't compelling in making any sort of argument against the book (unless of course the "neener, neener, neener" argument is compelling for you). For me it's not.

      And I do read this blog and I actually agree with a lot of the things said here. But I will admit to have been turned off greatly by a post last year that seemed to advocate bariatric surgery as a good way to get healthy. I don't think it's a coincidence that bariatric and barbaric are spelled so similarly.

    2. Bob - the issue with Wheat Belly is that Dr. Davis provides only testimonial and correlational evidence. He takes leaps of faith to point the finger at wheat when there are several other factors over the years that have contributed to increased body fat.

      I can only comment on the issue of wheat as it pertains to weight.

      To show that wheat is singlehandedly responsible for the obesity epidemic is silly. One would have to have a randomized control trial - a wheat-eating group and a non-wheat-eating group in an isocaloric situation (preferably in a metabolic ward situation). Girth and body fat (preferably DEXA) must be taken before and after and the results must show a statistically significant difference in the non-wheat group.

      If Davis were correct, vegetarians would be notoriously fat and so would Pakistani and Uzbekistani people (very high wheat consumption but relatively low obesity). There is plenty of correlational evidence to reject Davis' theories.

      Listen to the Caulfield debate. He pokes holes in Davis' logic.

    3. The point of my review is that Davis wants to portray modern wheat as some kind of scientifically engineered Agent Orange-like poison. He uses shoddy science to make that case and then further undermines it by prescribing a diet that is eliminating a lot of other potentially bad foods and is essentially a paleo diet. If modern wheat is really the problem, why not just eliminate that? I don't think most of the potential problems with wheat are unique to modern wheat- that is why I mentioned einkorn, or unique to wheat in terms of modern carbohydrates.

      Chris Masterjohn was more sympathetic to the book and thought that it brought up a hypothesis on modern wheat that should be investigated
      but also for different reasons than Davis uses in his book.

      Since I wrote that review I had a genetic test that basically said it would be incredibly unlikely for me to have celiac. I started eating wheat again in the form of beer and sourdough mostly. I try to use heritage grains, but don't always. I don't eat wheat at home very much, it's a tiny part of my diet. I haven't regained the weight I lost on paleo. I don't feel worse, I feel great and some issues I had on a more low-carb paleo diet are gone. I'm still an advocate for wheat skepticism- particularly screening people with digestive disorders for celiac and gluten sensitivity, but bad science is bad science and Davis book is full of it.

    4. Melissa - have you read much on FODMAPs? Research that first came out of Monash University, Australia by Dr P Gibson & S Shepherd. Associates wheat (& other) fructans with digestive probs/IBS. Latest paper is here:

  13. K N Buchheit7:40 pm

    Hummm... I follow the Wheat Belly diet. And lost 5 pant sizes. I DID NOT watch my calories! Damn, I must have done something wrong... I lost weight! Now, I've turned to a Primal/Paleo diet... I'm not concerned with watching calories on that either. Guess I'll gain weight on that too! LOL FYI, I'm 67.

    1. It couldn't possibly be the calories you cut out of your diet, could it?

    2. K N Buchheit1:06 pm

      Dude... I DID NOT cut calories! Find Scrud's Gourmet Grub on Facebook. Look at his burgers and compute how many calories his specialty burgers have. I eat these without a bun 2 to 3 times a week. I repeat... I do not watch calories. I consume zero grain products of any kind, including starches. No fries with the burgers. they're just wrapped in lettuce. And soooo damn good!

    3. Anonymous9:13 am

      No, but like many other people who claim that fad diets like these work, you watched your intake most likely for the first time in your life and started scrutinizing what you were eating.

      Now seeing that we are an agrarian society and have been pretty much for several thousand years, where are all the morbidly obese people from years gone by? Or could it possibly be that we as a society are eating more empty calories in general and getting less exercise. Occam's razor, but people still want to buy into very dubious book claims because they want it to work.

    4. Getting rid of the wheat makes it possible to not be continually hungry, therefore possible to cut calories, in my case.

  14. I started wheat belly in January and I am already down 7 kilos. I can say I have tried many "diets" and healthy eating programs before, but this is the first time I have lost a significant amount of weight without too much effort. I don't count calories either and have quite large platefuls of food.

    I can say that the following have improved for me most definitely:

    Improve athletic performance
    Improve mood
    Reduce mood swings
    Improve concentration
    Improve sleep
    Increase energy

    It seems that many people have a problem with the book because it is not based on any lengthy scientific studies. So should we be waiting 10-20 years before trying this? It has worked for me and I definitely say that I don't get the cravings like I used to and not hungry all of the time. If I miss a meal it doesn't bother me too much.

    I have also seen a few overweight and obese vegetarians, so I don't think a vegetarianism is the answer either.

    The list certainly sounds restrictive, but I can assure you it never feels that way and you can come up with endless delicious combinations.

    To anyone who is skeptical (as I was in the beginning) I would suggest trying it for themselves, especially if they are taking any medication for the illnesses mentioned in the book.

    1. Anonymous9:30 am

      Your weight loss is becaues of reduced calories not just because of the elimination of wheat.

      Oddly weight loss in general...

      Improves athletic performance
      Improves mood
      Reduces mood swings
      Improves concentration
      Improves sleep
      Increases energy

      Regardless of how that weight loss was achieved.

      Weird how that happens.

    2. I have never counted calories now or before I started WB, so I don't know how you come to that conclusion. The only other time in my life I have lost a significant amount of weight was going on a very low calorie diet with hours in the gym. It didn't make me feel well and was unsustainable long term.

      It seems like the author of this article believes that calories is important to weight loss as he wrote, "As with all of my diet book reviews I calculated the calories the first day provides. Based on the ranges of servings Dr. Davis suggests would be appropriate Day 1 would provide a minimum of 2,156 calories and a maximum of 2,996 calories. Not exactly weight loss material."

      Dr Davis in his book says as long as you eat the recommended food, you can eat as much as you want. You don't need to count calories to lose weight as this author seems to suggest.

      I think I am living proof of this as I might even be eating more than before in terms of volume of food.

      Also what Dr Davis wrote about wheat being an appetite stimulant, I feel from my own experience that this is entirely true. I don't get the hunger pains like I used to when I was eating bread.

      Yesterday for example I completely forgot to have breakfast. I have never done that in my life.

      In the end whether it is the wheat or not, I don't care too much as I am happy with the final results. I bought a $10 book on Amazon, read it and followed the advice and everything has pretty much been accurate for me.

      If anyone can point out any problems with the diet I am following, I would be happy to hear them.

    3. Anonymous2:49 pm

      Mike, I wholeheartedly echo every word you have written. After losing 33 lbs without hunger pangs, and feeling absolutely great, I have to say I no longer really care if the science is accurate or not! There will always be doubters, but to them I would say "just try it". Just try it, don't cheat, and you may find yourselves amazed. I am no longer a slave to carbs, and I've never had so many compliments on my new, slim figure. It works.

    4. Anonymous6:13 pm

      I agree with everything Mike says also, I went wheat free 4 months ago after reading Wheat Belly and have lost 30 pounds and still losing 2 -5 lbs a month. I don't count calories, I count carbs and try to stay under a 100 grams a day. But guess what, I don;t care about the weight loss, I feel great! No more back pain, clear headed, great sleep, no constant snacking, no falling asleep after meals, I feel like I'm forty again and that was 25 years ago.
      If you haven't actually gone wheat free, low carb for a month, don;t bother commenting. That would be like me trying to expound on the particulars of Astro Physics, or any science for that matter.

  15. JillOz4:39 am


    you can have bread, muffins, cake etc as long as it is not made of wheat or the starches Davis lists eg tapioca, potato etc.
    So your first fail is that you didn't read the book properly.

    I went off wheat and my asthma has decreased dramatically.

    Perhaps next time you review a book you can concentrate on the book, look up the refs yourself instead of relying on silly reviews by others (yes i've read some of those), ask any questions you have to the author, and forget trying to corner the market on sarcasm when you've barely mastered book reviewing.
    Did you follow up any agricultural research or techniques to see what's happening with wheat in your country, to check out Davis' claims against what is happening in the field (as it were?)
    I did, adn i'm not even a scientists. But it seemed logical to me.
    then i gave it a shot and my health is much better.

    It's "reviewers" like you that encourage people to ignore good books that can help them, unless they see that you're more about the attitude than the substance.

    Book review fail, sir!

    1. Your criticism would have some merit, if you actually pointed out some peer-reviewed research yourself.

      As it is, it is more of a religious rant and hard to take serious.

    2. You've got a case of confirmation bias. I'm not sure eliminating wheat will cure that.

      I kid... but on a slightly-more-serious note, I have read/reviewed the book too.

      What "seems logical" to you and Dr. Davis is not supported by concrete evidence. Guess what else happened with the increase of wheat? That's right an increase of just about EVERYTHING - to the tune of 600calories from 1970-2007.

      I won't speak for Dr. Freedhoff here but his reviews are more about teaching people HOW to think - encouraging critical thinking.

    3. Mike, I'm curious if you're saying there is no evidence that wheat was changed in the 70's? I mean, Norman Borlaug won a nobel prize for hybridizing it so it must have happened.

    4. I never made such a claim. I'm saying MANY things changed since that time - most notably our calories (from many sources) shot up. Davis has a hard time with correlation/causation.

    5. Cheers Mike - I just wasn't clear what your point was. Got it now :)

  16. Is there not sufficient information that grass grains in general are not good for human consumption? That's a common theme across paleo, primal, gaps, etc ... The information seemed compelling enough for me to give them up and I do feel better.

    Also, is it not true that the amylopectin-A of wheat causes very high blood sugar? Dr. Oz demonstrated that himself when Dr. Davis was on his show. 5 participants ate two slice of ww bread one day and then Snicker's bars the next. 2 of the 5 went just as high as the candy bar and 3 of the 5 went higher than the candy bar (2 twice as high). Is that not reason enough to question including it in one's diet? Especially if that person is diabetic?

    I have been following a very low carb diet for almost a year now but am running into trouble with anxiety and sleeping. I'm starting to think one can consume too little glucose in their diet so I've added back more fruit and more starch (sweet potatoes, rice, etc). What do you think of Paul Jaminet and his book "Pefect Health Diet"? It sounds like a "balanced" version of paleo to me.

  17. I originally heard about this book from one of my regular clients. They told me that her doctor was convinced some of her medical ailments came from consuming wheat products. She told me I should read it. I can say, after reading some quotes from the book, I'm not sure I would enjoy it as much as she has. The general public is on the search for an answer. That doesn't mean they're going to find the 'right' answer. If it sounds right, it must be right. I think Wheat Belly struck a cord with a lot of people. Unfortunately, I think I'd feel as though my blood were boiling if I had to read this book. I still may. There's one thing that really bothers me from what I've read thus far. He refers to schizophrenia as a condition that is caused by consuming wheat or treated by removing wheat from diets. Schizophrenia has a big biological component to it's etiology. To make such a bold claim is ludicrous and downright ignorant!

    1. I believe he references some study done in the 70's (?) that showed removing wheat from Schizophrenics reduced symptoms of their condition (not cured it) and when wheat was reintroduced the symptoms returned (pg 46-47).

  18. I have been wheat-free since june 2011. I lost 10 pounds in the first two months, visible from my waistline, love handles etc. I was not going wheat free to lose weight (didn't really have that much excess to lose and am at a healthy weight). I had other health issues such as low iron, asthma-like symptoms, slightly high cholesterol level etc and upon investigating these issues, discovered I have a sensitivity of wheat. The antibodies my body had formed against wheat was causing my health issues. You can read my posts about wheat and other issues at

  19. Our family bought the books and tried the plan and actually felt great. We had more energy and less jittery hunger pains mid afternoon - we just felt more in control probably because of less blood sugar spikes.

    The science is clear, that since dwarf wheat was introduced into the population in breads, cakes, crackers. etc in the mid-80s, weight gain has sky-rocketed. There is a clear spike in obesity rates since the 80s and it has more than tripled in the last three decades.

    Personally, I was a skinny kid, in fact the doctor warned my mom I was too skinny. When I was about 10,11 I started to steadily gain weight, despite being involved in soccer and other sports and outdoor play. It was 1985 when I was 10 and my favourite snack was crackers. It was like I couldn't stop eating them. And ever since then wheat products have had that addictive effect on me. Much like cigarettes would. Every time I cut out the carbs, I lose weight. It does help. The problem is wheat is in EVERYthing. After trying this plan I found we were so limited on what we could eat that it was near impossible to stick to on a long-term basis. So now, we've decided that cutting back on the stuff is the best we can handle. But I do recommend it, our family suffers from inflammatory health problems. I suffer from migraines, arthritis (Im 37), and my husband has psoriasis, my son has asthma and eczema, and I can tell you that our symptoms have LESSENED since we cut back on wheat two months ago.

  20. Anonymous7:27 am

    Geez - yes people are loosing weight because they have reduced thier calorie intake....and they have been able to reduce their calorie intake because they stopped eating wheat and grain and processed sugar - that's how it works folks!

    1. Anonymous7:14 pm

      Stop focusing on weight loss. Wheat causes me and many others acid reflux, stomach pain and other problems. Losing weight is not the goal--better health is. Doctors like to prescribe pills; companies like to profit off pills. So few doctors prescribe nutrition. Many people do not have the ability to process wheat and it destroys their small intestine.

  21. I think the problem for a lot of people that hear they should avoid wheat then think they should go gluten free is that just like most of the other processed foods in the supermarket, the gluten free packaged foods are full mostly of genetically modified crap and eating more of those isn't going to help anyone.

  22. Anonymous9:07 pm

    For those who think this is a fad diet where it is simply a reduction in calories to explain weight loss I would point out that I started having my doubts about bread before I'd even heard of this book, I found the book (which I've not read) on amazon after researching 'bread + weight loss', and I researched that because I noticed I was a tad slimmer after christmas as opposed to having gained weight and since I'd eaten plenty of chocolate and biscuits etc the only explanation I could come up was that I'd had very little bread. I recently decided to give up bread completely and avoid wheat in other products as much as possible (but I'm not avoiding oats or corn) and I've gone from being someone pretty obsessed with food with poor self-control resulting in a tendency to eat robotically to someone who eats when hungry and stops when full and I'm not hungry inbetween or thinking about food, I didn't know what that felt like before. So, to the supposed theory that wheat is no worse than rice or potatoes etc etc, maybe that is the case on paper but in reality it is a world apart from those other carbs, which don't turn me into a food obsessed robot. Clearly not everyone is affected by wheat in this way but many people are.

  23. One of the things that people don't seem to get is that yes, when you remove the wheat from your diet you will ultimately be eating less calories. But its effect is multi-fold. The majority of products made with wheat also contain sugar. When you eliminate wheat, its pretty likely that you will also be eliminating that sugar. Also, because wheat is essentially addictive, with cravings coming soon after ingesting the initial portion, with no wheat there to perpetuate the cycle, you will eat less. Also, wheat doesn't provide satiety, which is why wheat-eaters tend to overeat.

    Removal of wheat, for me, has been a blessing. I feel healthier, lighter, stronger, more alert and less foggy. I've been on many diets previously, but never in my life have I felt so directly the benefits of no wheat. I'm convinced.

    And for those that tout this diet as unrealistic and unsustainable, maybe you should take the time to work on yourself, to work through new recipes, to work towards a complete, healthy lifestyle. Isn't your well being worth the effort? Wouldn't you want to make the effort to feel better?

    Someone once said, "Nothing worth doing is easy". Sure, it may be harder, but the rewards are so great, I can't see why people wouldn't want to eat this way.

    1. I am sorry but what you are saying is wrong! This diet is very high in calories, high in healthy fats from nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, nut oils, avocados, meats and cheese. I have never eaten such rich foods and still loose weight! Au contraire the low fat diet was the worst one I ever followed. My Cholesterol is now normal, thank you very much!

  24. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I've been facinated reading the review and all the comments. Thank you, one and all. I think. I am going to start eliminating wheat from my diet as soon as I can bake a decent loaf of non-wheat bread.(I'm handicapped as I'm a terrible cook! But I'm going to try once again to become more proficient in the kitchen) I'm interested in trying out Dr. Davis' theory because I'm allergic to so many things and live on prescribed allergy pills. I feel foggy so much of the time. If getting rid of the wheat and the sugar does it, I'll be happy.

    1. What do you have to loose! By the way Dr.Davis's recipes are fantastic and you will feel satisfied and be never hungry, it is a new way to live!

    2. Here is a good recipe for a bread good luck!

    3. Anonymous6:27 pm

      Buy the "Wheat Belly Cookbook" you'll be amazed at all the great dishes you can make and all of the baked items, cookies, cakes, scones, etc... all made without wheat or gluten flour, you actually use almond and flax seed flours.

  25. Anonymous11:25 am

    I don't care what the science says - I know I eliminated wheat from my diet after reading this book and lost 35 Lbs in 3 months & yes most of it was from my belly area. I am a believer in Wheat Belly.

  26. I have removed all grains and starches from my diet, which I started 3 weeks ago. It has already improved my health so much that I am frankly stunned. I actually am able to live without the horrible medications to treat Rheumatoid arthritis, my joints are cool to the touch and I have only pain in the joints that are already destroyed. My formerly dry eyes are no more bothersome. The rosacea is calming down and I have had no beet-red face (usually twice a day) since. I could cut out all expensive treatments for my formerly very dry hair . For me the whole experience has been just amazing! I do not need any more proof. I am my own scientific experiment .
    Thank you Dr. Davis!

  27. Anonymous2:11 am

    I eliminated wheat from my diet for the last 4 months and lost 40 lbs! I am no longer considered Type2 diabetic and went off my statin drug. My numbers are in the appropriate range and my doctor now considers me "normal and non-diabetic! I am living proof to the accuracy of Dr. Davis's book! Your book review is flawed and inaccurate! Wheat Belly is right on!! Buy the book, read it and live a better healthier life! I did and I'm happier for it!

    1. Anonymous10:34 am

      I could write exactly the same post as you

  28. Anonymous3:39 pm

    If you are going to review a book, you should be careful to read it all completely and pay attention to what you read. You are entitled to an opinion, but need to double check your facts!!!!
    I just spent last 5 days sick. The only source for my intestinal distress( and that's putting it mildly) was spaghetti. The morning after the spaghetti, by chance, bought the "Wheat Belly" book. and stopped eating wheat products. I have had a bad four days with the residual indigestion problem ( stomach stops working), brain fog, complete fatigue, irritable, vertigo, general aches and paint. This is the beginning of 5th day with no wheat. I have lost 1.5 lbs, energy is coming back, have eaten a lot of food: vegetables meat, minor starch and minor sugar. I have lost( over several years) cartlidge-- no wear and tear, gained weight with no explanation for these problems--except extreme cravings for bread and pastry--not sugar!--as if starving!
    Today-- I have no craving,feel full, having eaten a total of one egg, 2 t. flax 5 spinach leaves 1.5 oz cheese, 1.5 oz chicken. I dont really feel I am dieting. Oh yeah--my arthritis does not hurt!!!

    1. Anonymous10:50 am

      Oh wow! I had the same experience with spaghetti... totally SICK!

  29. Anonymous1:49 pm

    I have had problems with severe psoriasis for many years, and pretty horrible inflammation that accompanies it. I have been through the western medical system, and have tried so many things. A lot of them worked very well, but the side effects like renal failure, liver damage, cardiovascilar disease, and cancer, are hard to ignore. My doctors always said, "you can't be on these meds forever." So, I started seeing a homeopath. She suggested I get off gluten, dairy, and sugars. It was pretty tough at first, but the results speak for themselves. I lost 60 pounds, plus most of my skin had cleaard as well. My energy level went through the roof, and I ceased to be lethargic and tired all the time. My atheletic performance also increased. As a martial artist, it was very evident to myself, as well as other people. People asked me if I had changed my training regiment. Nope. Just got off gluten. If you stick to a gluten, sugar, and dairy free diet, as well as include high intensity interval training into your workouts, I gaurentee weight loss.

  30. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Maybe you should talk to Dr. Davis. My father is his patient. Yes, he actually does practice medicine. He follow the Wheat Belly diet and has been told my several doctors that there is no clinical reason he should not have suffered more heart attacks in the past few years. It is not just about weight loss, if you really understand it is about overall health and mostly about lipids.

  31. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Has anybody experienced some kind of rash? red spots? on face. I never had any problems with my skin an now while being wheat free for 2 weeks I have got some weird itchy red spots on my face. I lost 5 lbs. during the firs 2 weeks and then for the next 2 weeks I couldn't loose not even a pound. It is frustrating because I was hoping to loose more. Also the spots on my face are so hard to disappear,I used different ointments but its still there.

  32. Excellent review.

    Love this line:

    The harshest would be that Dr. Davis has eschewed his medical responsibility to ensure that the information he conveys to the public while wearing his MD hat is firmly supported by and grounded in science (or at the very least point out when a view is highly preliminary and theoretical), and instead, uses his MD platform to push his own personal theory onto a trusting, vulnerable, and desperate public, as nearly irrefutably factual and scientific.

  33. As a family doc and health advocate, I have been enjoying many of your articles and whole-heartedly agree with most of them. However, here is my 2 cents about "Wheat Belly"... it changed my relationship with food, and helped me feel healthier. It might have been the change of my "whole wheat" to veggie/fruit ratio that made the difference when I cut out wheat, but it was an easy enough plan for me to follow and it worked. I simply cut out wheat, and didn't replace my wheat products with other unhealthy high-glycemic starches. Prior to wheat belly I regularly ate 45 calorie whole wheat bread, whole wheat wraps, and pasta at times for dinner... but I was a healthy weight (5'8", 155 pounds), and I am a runner. With wheat belly I lost that last stubborn 10 pregnancy pounds in a month (no change in my running). I no longer crave starchy foods, and it's easier for me to turn down cookies/ bagels/ etc. brought to the office by coworkers. No "diet plan" fits everyone, which is why I agree with your statements about better educating the public about food. But it took "Wheat Belly" to open my eyes, so why not try it yourself before rendering a verdict? Reading the book on your vacation is probably not the best way to actually know how a wheat-free lifestyle might help others. BTW, keep up the great work... still love this blog and I'll keep reading! Dr Julia Jenkins

  34. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Okay here are the facts: I tried it because I was diagnosed with wheat allergy so decided to give up 'all' grains. I have so far lost 7 kilos and feel great. If it works do it otherwise don't worry about it. I don't think anywhere in the title or the book does it claim to be 'a diet.' :)

  35. I enjoyed your post. Here's another review, just FYI:

  36. Anonymous6:37 pm

    LOL - didn't try it did you "Doc"? I did and have experienced improved health, mental clarity and I've lost 2 stone. And your list of foods that are permitted is a joke and REALLY deceptive.

    I have to agree with the others - you haven't actually read the book - and you certainly haven't tried going wheatless ;)

  37. Anonymous1:45 pm

    I stopped eating bread and corn and lost 45 lbs without exercising. The weight fell off. Wheat is not to be trusted and corn is not much better. If you have Netflix watch King Corn; nice little documentary where corn farmers admit they would never eat corn.

    If I feel like eating a pizza or a hero I eat it. But the thing is since I stopped eating wheat I hardly ever do.

  38. Anonymous5:14 pm

    This is a terrible review. I no longer have faith in your expertise.

    I am a lifetime sufferer of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I have tried everything possible over the years. These two diseases together are both crippling and disfiguring. Up until I read this book I had given up. Can't exercise, can't lose weight no matter how hard I try. Got type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.... on a road to death.

    Then two weeks ago I started having chest pains, arm pains and jaw pains. Quick trip to the hospital and I landed under the care of a world-renowned cardiologist from UCLA. While the tests were being done he told me that I needed to read the book Wheat Belly and become informed, so I did. I stopped eating wheat that day. That was the ONLY change I made to my diet (I was only allowed ONE slice of whole wheat bread a day on my diet so it's not like I eliminated a bunch of calories). Within two days all of the swelling in my ankles and feet had gone. In a week I lost 8 pounds. In the second week I lost 7 more. Now after two weeks my blood pressure is normal, my blood glucose is within normal range, and more amazingly my psoriasis is no longer flaming and is healing nicely AND my cane and crutches are out of the scene as my arthritis has all but gone away. This is the first time in 20 years I have been able to walk nearly pain-free, let alone without crutches or cane.

    So don't give me this BS review. That book and my cardiologist who recommended it have changed my life. I only wish you could experience the relief I've been gifted, but I suppose being of perfect health you can't possibly understand what the rest of us struggle with on a daily basis.

  39. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Oh I love the little video you made! LMAO...

  40. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I'm hungry for a couple of donuts... or maybe a large plaet of spaghetti!

  41. Anonymous10:52 pm

    I was find it funny when people use the term genetically engineered. Does the doctor who wrote this book actually know what that even means? You do realize that plants are always naturally changing and evolving and that to gentecily engineer etable plants all you do is point evolution in a specific direction such as bigger or more juicy. In the U.S. no lab made chemicals have been allowed to be used in "altered" food since the 70's. By the way, some of the things this doctor listed are actually things that are inherited through a chromosomal mutation.These things that I'm talking about are Schizophrenia, Autism, ADHD, and Bipolar Disease. Yeah, inherited through chromosomal mutation. That means when you were still developing a body when you were a baby. How does something you have since before you were even alive as a baby magically disappear with the loss of most of the average diet? You tell me.

    1. You need to read the book. He doesn't say going wheat free would cure those maladies, but that it would improve symptoms.

  42. I didn't read all the comments but a few people spoke about the foods you can't eat listed on this blog. I have been using the Wheat Belly Cookbook for a few weeks now and there are many foods I eat on that list! One of the biggest is chickpeas! I cook/bake with almond flour, coconut flour and chickpea flour now, my food is extremely flavourful. It's all about the spices. The first couple of days was hard but now I'm full in a healthy way. I make cookies, muffins, biscuits and bread - nothing is off limits just without wheat. We have a lot of food allergies in my house. A naturopath told us to eliminate sugar, wheat and dairy from my daughter's diet - dairy is hard but the rest we have done. Her eczema is much better and her ear infections have decreased. This is fact! Just because science/medicine doesn't believe in natural solutions to health issues doesn't mean its wrong. I will continue to life this lifestyle to improve the health of my daughter. Antibiotics vs natural remedies - it's a no brainier.

  43. Anonymous2:12 am

    Thanks for making me realize just how bias and bogus your other reviews must be... Joker! Everything in this review is negative Nancy about the book.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am

      Take a look at the reviewer's picture. It says it all. Jogging and still fat. I'd love to read this review after he gave up grain and ate only healthy proteins and vegetables and fruits for a week, and lost the brain slug.

    2. Anonymous11:46 am

      He does not appear to be particularly over weight. Have you see Dr.william Davis? Now there is over weight for you!!

  44. Anonymous2:23 pm

    How come people are so offended over their diet choice? I'm 5'2 and weigh 105 lbs. I didn't eat healthy as a teen, a lot of junk food like most teens. I ended up int he ER for dehydration "drink more water" they said. I cut out soda and replaced with water with lemon and herbal teas. In my 20s I went on a back packing trip a couple thousand miles across the applications (grew up) and realized I had to eat nutritious foods than Little Debbies to have the strength to make the miles. So I ate the foods that worked: pasta, oatmeal, bread, chicken, fish, veggies, nuts and lots of olive oil. I studied biology and learned about how we are depleting the US soil and having to import soil, but organic farming practices do not, so I started buying organic. I studied nutrition to read labels and check that I am getting the most nutrition for my buck, not unnecessary junk being thrown in. Is there alot of saturated fat that weakens my heart, or hydrogenated oils that my body can't break down the trans bonds? And I've been doing this for over 10 years. Now all my friends who are fat and on these "diets" They say "oh are you palio or atkins?" Huh? I'm doing what I've done for years to sustain my body and give me energy. I've weighed the same for years. I think people trying to follow "diet"s is the real problem.
    I sat too much in front of the TV and noticed I got tired easier, so I got rid of the TV and started a garden. I suck at sports and running is boring, so I took up back packing. I hate peas and corn, but I love squash, guess what I eat? I think "if its empty calories its not for me." Food is not just food though, like people want to think. When I was a kid my special time with my dad was eating a bowl of ice cream together late at night before bed. I still want to curl up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream, just now I replace it with home made frozen yogurt because I can get more calcium and cultures out of it without any stuff I don't need, I still get the warm fuzzies from when I was a kid though. I hated all vegetables as a kid, well, as an adult I'm free to buy any vegetables I want so I experimented and found a whole variety of vegetables I like. I hated cooking. I hated following recipes and it coming out wrong. So I got a book of foods that work well together and that don't, and that's all, I don't have to measure I bunch, just experiment. Because if something feels like work, it will be work and it will suck, and people will quit. Why eat a food you don't like cooking in a way that you don't enjoy? That's what you will ask yourself when you are burned out and totally missing your favorite food right? Then someone will say "your diet is stupid!" that you work so hard to stay on and so you have to defend it, because its soooo much effort you have put in to it and they are just being mean. Well, fad diet or not, I suggest any change be something that is fun and not perceived as work. Why do you think Zumba is so popular? Trade up. I recently found I like kefir better than yogurt, its easier to make and has more health benefits and I like the flavor more.
    What is better than a movie and extra cheese nachos with your kids? Pine nuts and dried fruit over a sun rise? I really doubt it. But perhaps black walnuts that you need a vise to break open during an intense wii fit competition(you know, the one where every one looks like a flying chicken) may be.
    I guess my whole point is you can change up a diet and lifestyle, but I don't know if forcing a strict diet is the most fun effective way.

    1. Very nice response and very nice "diet" program. I wholeheartedly concur.

  45. Interestingly (to me), I read about this book, but didn't read it, so just cut wheat out of my diet entirely last March. Since then about 30 pounds has just gone away, and I'm eating as I usually did, substituting potatoes and wild rice for wheat carbs.

    Reading this, I'm wondering if there's something wrong, because I'm losing nicely, but still eating much of whatever I want.

  46. Anonymous5:38 am

    I'm loving these pro wheat belly diet comments I studied public health and health promotion which have a responsibility to raise awareness on health issues in communities. Interestingly enough is that there isn't enough emphasis on prevention. I think wheat belly does this and the good doc that wrote it is helping people prevent many chronic conditions. I found there are a lot of contradictions in the bio-medical model of health and for all their scientific research and expertise no one even knows about the importance of our endocrine system which is our bodies engine that tells each of our organs what to do and wheat being an irritant actually stresses the adrenals out.

  47. I started the Wheat Belly way of eating on August 4, 2012. As of today, June 9, 2013, I have lost 46 pounds, my type 2 diabetes is under control, my digestive problems are gone, and I now wear a size 6. I am never hungry and I feel great! Glad I didn't read this moronic review before I read the book.

  48. I have been on Wheat Belly for 3.5 months. My A1C was 10.5 when i started it. 3.5 months later it is now 6.4.daily sugar count in the morning averaged 200, now 110-120. No more aches and pains, heartburn, fatigue. Oh, and i lost 28 lbs to date. I stopped eating anything to do with wheat, but do enjoy a small potato, cup of rice and rice chex cereal once a week.i really only gave up the wheat and concentrate on proteins, veggies nuts and stuff like that...woreking Oh and I am never STARVING for food or craving anything I have given up.

  49. Might I suggest that you try the diet rather than just read the book? My experience on the diet is nothing but positive. Weight is down 35 lbs, chronic high cholesterol (even on medication) has returned to normal, irritable bowel syndrome is gone, high blood pressure has returned to normal, acid reflux is gone, and hemorrhoids are gone. I actually feel good about exercise again. To top it off I’m off ALL medication. And, by the way, I only cut out the wheat!

  50. Anonymous10:56 am

    I agree with you Dr. Freedhoff - Although elimination of wheat and/or gluten may be useful for some sensitive individuals, these claims that wheat is poison are just absurd. How does this book's author explain the millions of healthy vegetarians for whom whole grains, including whole wheat, and meat substitutes made from gluten, are a significant part of their diets? I never felt better than when I was a vegetarian eating lots of homemade whole grain bread, as well as ample amounts of other whole grains and soy along with nuts, fruits, and vegetables. I don't know how one can get enough fiber on these low carb diets. Newsflash: Vegetarians have much lower risk of virtually all degenerative diseases, and live years longer, on the average, than "carnivores." I tried a gluten free diet for about 3 weeks and experienced no benefit whatsoever. This is just another fad that will fade in time.

  51. Unfortunate that you're review is at the top of a Google search.

    I've found this approach (found through a different approach that gives the same results called Keto: to be life altering, for the better.

    No more joint pain. Deep sleep. Effortless weight loss. More energy. Clearer thinking. BETTER numbers on everything from medical tests.

    My doctors said what are you doing? I told them: 65% fat, 35% protien, 5% carbs (20G or less a day). He was skeptical, but said: Numbers don't lie. Keep doing it. You're in the best health of your life.

    I'm 55.

    So, to those believing this 'reviewer' is right, I'm here to tell you. He is dead wrong.

  52. Anonymous6:11 pm

    It's funny reading the banter back and forth from the pro-wheat-belly people and the skeptics. It usually goes something like this:

    pro-wheat-belly: I read the book, stopped eating wheat, and lost a ton of weight!

    skeptic: Yes, but cutting carbs will do that. It doesn't mean wheat is evil.

    pro-wheat-belly: But I lost a ton of weight! Davis is GOD!

    skeptic: But.. you simply cut carbs and sugar. You also cut processed food containing that stuff.

    pro-wheat-belly: You don't know what you're talking about. I followed his diet and lost a ton of weight!

    etc.... see the pattern?
    It's funny.

    Found this link:
    Another bit of research

  53. I have tried losing weight in the past. Never seemed to be able to do it. I believe the key is avoiding modern wheat, and that it is truly addictive. Previously, my attempts to lose weight were pure frustration. As Dr. Davis says, when you keep wheat in your diet, you get hungry about every 2 hours. Three months ago, my husband and I went wheat free. The first two weeks were very difficult for me, as I was a wheat junkie. I was going through withdrawal. After that, it got much easier. I made a list yesterday...

    The benefits of eating the Wheat Belly way:

    I have lost over 30 pounds in about 3 months
    I am healthier, have reduced diabetes and cancer risk
    I feel better
    No more IBS symptoms, less gas and diarrhea
    Snoring is vastly improved, thus...
    I no longer wake up every morning with a sore throat
    My skin has fewer zits
    I don't regret food choices any more
    We seem to be spending less money on groceries
    I am no longer constantly feeling too warm and sweaty
    I am no longer embarrassed by how I look
    Shopping is way more fun
    I spend less time on meal prep, thus...
    I have more time for other things
    My resting heart rate has dropped from 70-80 to 60
    I don't have to wear plus size clothing any more
    I have more energy
    My thinking is clearer
    I sleep better
    I no longer get hungry every 2 hours
    Food cravings are gone
    No longer get heartburn

    People can naysay the book all they want; what matters to ME is that I have never had such success losing weight until I gave up modern wheat. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

    1. Anonymous3:18 pm

      I agree with you 100%. I have eliminated WHEAT (gluten) from my diet since April and have gone from size 8 to 4. I also used to have severe sore throat, joint ache issues...and they have all disappeared. I used to be bloated all the time...and now I am so happy to have a FLAT tummy!!
      I am so glad we now have an awareness on this serious allergen!

  54. Anonymous1:33 am

    Not surprising the self-promoting "Do I Have A Deal For You! "Yoni is negative on something that might negatively impact his business. Despite calling his outfit an "Institute" he's running a business so of course he would want to misrepresent and denigrate a very effective self-help approach on a new way of eating that you can implement yourself without giving thousands of dollars to a flim-flam man. Nowhere does Davis ever call it a "diet." Yoni self-promotes all over Ottawa media as an "expert" but is really just shilling and spinning for his own commercial for-profit business (not a medical practice). Like Vince Shlomi of "Slap Chop" and "Sham Wow" notoriety, Yoni's a pitchman.

  55. Anonymous9:08 pm

    How many of you started exercising or living a more active lifestyle after starting your "wheat belly" diets? Maybe most of your problems were really contributed to lack of excercise. Most prople forget the benefits of a hard workout. I eat literally everthing and anything. Wheat is not the root of all evil its lazyness and lack of motivation. I think before you try this wheat free diet try real excercising for at least 1.5 hours a day and then see how your life can change.

    1. I gave up wheat 2 years ago. My biggest issue was the constant hunger I felt on a traditional whole grain, low-fat "diets". I was counting calories obsessively. I was eating veggies and all the good stuff, but was STARVING all the time, all I thought about was food. I weighed over 230 pounds, and I am a 5'4" woman. I had hit a plateau and my weight wouldn't budge. I exercised, then discovered this book, and I gave up wheat only. I still eat potatoes, rice, corn, and fruit. I now weigh 155.8 pounds, I wear a size 8 in pants and small shirts. I don't exercise very much (actually I exercise way less than I did when I was 230). It's not just about laziness and lack of motivation. Sometimes, the foods we are eating are contributing to our inability to lose. Look around you, we are told to eat whole wheat, wheat is an additive in many processed foods, and WE ARE STILL OBESE. They do it because they's addicting. Some people can eat wheat and live a healthy life, but for those that suffer with chronic illness, obesity, exhaustion, infertility, depression etc. Those people will most likely benefit from wheat elimination. No exercise needed.

      I tell people who want to know what I have done to kick the wheat and to give it 30-60 days of NO WHEAT. It's not just about weight loss, there are people with IBS, skin conditions, High blood pressure, etc. I tell them to give it a real try, and you know what, if they do it, they don't tell me "it doesn't work"...I hear about weight loss, decreased fasting blood sugars, lower cholesterol for the first time in YEARS. All they did was remove wheat. No exercise.

  56. Anonymous10:21 am

    obsity is simple - you eat to much. Yes most of us are here because we had ancestors who were fuel efficiet and counld survive famine just put that together with our sedentary lifes. Stop believing you can tuck 2000 calories away - I ONCE STOPPED AND COUNTED MY DAILY CALS -800 TO 1000 A DAY- I AM 5. 4 and 8 stone 4 just right and over fifty. Do I STARVE -no . Fruit for breakfast - prefence not diet- and 1 egg omlette with steam veg and fruit for lunch- toasted cheese sandwhich for afternoon snack- and lots of veg with small serving of whats going for dinner and fruit - fruit and low fat cheese for evening snacks. I love fruit - grow my own and can unsweetened for winter. Enjoy fries once a week - desert on Sunday too. Don't drink sugar either - no juice also . Don't have any health problems either. Swim, walk and garden - vegable and flower. And enjoy a litttle homemade soup endless varities in winter. Could gluten intolerence be cause by endless extra gluten added to many products from canned soups to bread cake and biscuits today. I HAVE BAKED MY OWN BREAD CAKES BISUITS for more than thirty years using plain ingrediants not mixes. Bread is alittle more crumby - rolls are best for childrens lunchs . ALSO think we have to stop eating like children, stuffing ourselves with treats from candy to crips daily - in fact children should have these things only once a week .

  57. Anonymous2:51 am

    Thanks for this review! A friend recommended this book to me and I've been searching for honest and sincere reviews of the book and it's concepts. Most of the ones I've found are praising the book and selling it. I appreciate that someone took a harder look at it. I need to hear a little bit more about the science behind the theories in this book before I take them as medical fact. Fad diets come and go and this sounds like one of them to me. Instead of just saying the Dr had 2000 patients who've had success, I want to know more. What is the gender ratio, race, ethnicity and so on? I agree with past comments. To truly lose weight and feel better, you've gotta exercise. Diet (even wheat free diets) are not a cure all IMO. I'll have to do a little more research myself before I'll consider buying this fad diet book.

  58. I purchased the Wheat Belly book,after dieting,working out and becoming frustrated feeling there was another solution,at least for me. I quit eating wheat on March 3. I did not change anything else about my daily routine. I just eliminated wheat! I have lost 25lbs and my whole body feels lighter and healthier. Any sensible person would have to admit so much of what we eat,although it may taste good,is of little nutritional value to our bodies,just calories. The health state of the population of this country speaks volumes!
    I was amazed after just the first week how different I felt and my belly did begin to disappear. This is not a diet book. More like a lifestyle changing wake-up call to the junk we eat everyday.
    I just want to say if you have weight you would like to loose,just stop eating wheat. Try it for just a week or two and see for yourself.
    You will eat you hamburger without the bun,and eat konjac noodles as you spagetti,but for me it has been so easy any so worth it.
    Just my 2 cents :)

  59. Anonymous11:40 pm

    Your review is a bunch of negative BULLSHIT........ I KNOW quite a few people who not only lost weight but have reversed serious illnesses by getting off of wheat and gluten.. I have read and researched the claims and they are infact accurate.. Do us a favor and SHUT UP..... You remind me of the asshole doctors who tell you to lose weight and quit smoking but yet they are fat and smokers!!!!!!!! really???

  60. Anonymous7:55 pm

    The Wheat Belly cult is interesting..

    Something I've noticed though-- when I was in Europe. Finland, actually. They eat a LOT of bread. Yet, I rarely saw any overweight people there. What they don't eat is all the other processed foods people in the US eat.

    Following this diet and giving it all the credit for your weight loss would be similar to telling people to never leave their house to avoid getting in car accidents. You'd have 100% success.

  61. I was just in France and Belgium, and I can tell you that the people who live there are thinner, healthier, and more vibrant than Americans........ And they eat wheat! Lots of it!

    America is the land of quick-fixes and conspiracy theories. It doesn't surprise me that thousands of people will so easily label a particular food as "bad" and then refuse to see that it might actually be their calorie consumption and food quality that is causing their weight loss. The ignorance is just sad. Eat less. Don't eat junk. Be active every day. It's not a big secret, people!

  62. Anonymous6:11 pm

    This review is a typical example of a modern man who thinks that merely reading imparts the same level of knowledge as directly experiencing the diet. The main thing I would like to point out is that the diet works well, mainly because it breaks the relentless cycle of hunger every hour and a half, that wheat sets up My husband had already eliminated sweets, chocolate, rarely drank soft drinks, or beer, or liquor. He went to the gym 2-3 times a week. Most of our carbs were unrefined. And he couldn't loose the weight around his belly. We'd previously dropped hydrogenated oils, soy (largely GMO in this country) and most junk food, additives and chemicals years ago. Our diet was already relatively healthy.

    The ONLY thing I dropped from our diet now was all the wheat. We still eat butter and all other carbs, lean meat, red meat, cheese, veggies, fruits. With the driving compulsion to over eat gone, our appetites readjusted naturally. Gone were the crashing afternoon blood sugar lows, acid indigestion declined remarkably, sleep was better, and we each lost 20 lbs within the first 6 weeks. Effortlessly. Thinking was clearer. I'm 59 and he's 65, so even with lower metabolism it was helpful, and we just wanted less to eat.

    Diabetics need to monitor because they may need less medication, so anyone with big health issues should read carefully and be in touch with their doctor. It is much healthier than the Atkins diet, which was too fat rich for us. Since we still eat rice, rice pasta, quinoa, beans, non GMO corn, hummus, oatmeal and yes, even the poor maligned potato, we feel no deprivation in the carb department. In fact, we don't feel deprived at all.

    Most dieting is doomed, not because it is all in your head, but because your body thinks it is starving so it screams at you to eat. Beware the no calorie soft drinks. In most people they actually trigger greater hunger and result in binging, not to mention being implicated in a lot of digestive tract disorders.

    The ultimate thing to remember is that you are not going to hurt yourself by removing one carbohydrate from a healthy diet.

  63. To anyone who is a doubter consider this - when a farmer wants to fatten his cattle or pigs for market what does he feed them? Grains and corn!!! Surprise, surprise, weight gain, better price at market.
    BTW, personally, I think the book Primal Blueprint to be 'right on'. Basic foods (non organic if you cant find them or cant afford them), minimal hard slog exercise and just enjoying life. Go Mark Sisson!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:48 pm

      Yeah but how many of us ONLY eat grain and corn? Duh... It's not like the farmers allow cows to even it out with meat protein, salads, and brussel sprouts. Wheat Belly is the dumbest book ever, followed by the Atkins diet. You know, Atkins, that guy who died of his own diet...?

  64. I haven't read the Wheat Belly book, but I did watch Dr Davis' hour-long seminar over a month ago. The first thing I thought of was how similar his 'diet' is to Dr Atkins! The next was - Of course you're going to lose weight and gain health! You lose weight because the Wheat Belly diet is very constricting. And most everyone who loses weight gains health benefits, especially if they are obese.

    Anyway, I did gain one thing from Dr Davis Wheat Belly seminar. By eliminating wheat, undiagnosed (guessed to be IBS) issues have gone away. Other than that, I continue to eat a healthy, organic, non-gmo diet with carbs in moderation, and I feel GREAT!

    THANK YOU for your informative review!

    ~ Trish

  65. Anonymous6:29 pm

    If you lose 20 lbs simply by cutting wheat, you were obviously eating too much wheat to begin with (and likely not the right kinds)... I eat wheat in moderation, and I am fit and healthy.

  66. Anonymous11:44 am

    As soon as I read he claims that consumption of wheat causes autism and bipolar conditions (both conditions science know that you are born with), I would no way trust the rest of the book.

  67. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Lol, somebody better tell Jesus that he was Toxic Waste Dump Number One, cuz he ate a lot of wheat. Heck, he said he was the bread of life! He didn't say, "I am the Twinkie, Zinger, and Ho-Ho of Life" because that is the real problem. People eat garbage and then blame it all on the wheat? For all you up there, I have gone weeks without wheat easily, and frankly, felt no differently than before. I feel good on it and off it, because I don't fill my body with trash like everyone else.

    1. Anonymous12:23 pm

      I'll let him know. How do I get ahold of him again?

  68. Anonymous12:58 am

    I have been doing Wheatbelly for almost 4 months, and I have lost 25 lbs. My husband has had better results as he is not eating fruit.
    I eat no processed foods, that is the most important thing.
    I eat 1 - 2 fruits per day (berries allowed).
    I also eat every 2 - 3 hours as I am not a faster.
    My blood sugar is great and A1C is normal!

  69. Anonymous6:29 pm

    My wife is Asian, eats no bread. Has headaches frequently, sinus problems & some of the things you list. I'm Scandinavian and eat lots of bread. I have none of those problems. Deal with it.

  70. Anonymous7:20 pm

    This dude started off negative when he said he "hauled" the book to the beach. I think the review was way off base, but I will give him credit for filling up his allotted space.. This book and Paleo ( and lots of other diets) are pure common stuff that isn't processed to death nor comes out of a box! Your body will tell you what else to do. As for me personally, eliminating most wheat has made my intestines VERY happy.

  71. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Good Review.

    If wheat was the source of all evil then one would be able to drink sodas, fruit juices, heap on the sugar in vegetables soufflés, use vegetable oil and margarine in cooking, and eat starchy tuberous vegetables{they don't have gluten}

    Davis's book is a bait and switch.

    Davis lays life's emotional woes along with all types of diseases at wheat's doorstep, all the while advocating the removal of sugar and starchy vegetables from the diet.

    In short he promotes the Atkins Diet and the hook to buy the book is "wheat is bad for you".
    I do wonder how many of his studies have been taken out of context with a particular spin placed on them.
    One of the links on this page went full on in busting Davis's myths.

    Good review,

    Now it would be interesting to see a review on the latest addition to the death by carb myth that is being touted in "Grain Brain" by Perlmutter. I listened to the radio broadcast interview of Perlmutter.
    available on line.

    In the interview Perlmutter claims he was able to alter a child's behavior for the better by removing bread from the child's diet and in a second breath he was quick to acknowledge the parents also stopped feeding the kid sugary drinks .
    I call this antidotal evidence. I could not determine if sugar or wheat was the driving force in the child's behavior or some other factor. This is not the way to present vital information, I equate this to selling Amway.

    Perlmutter also discusses his fathers Alzheimer in the interview but does not provide the type of diet his father ate. If diet was the cause then what type of diet? Was it whole grains unprocessed? Was it white bread , white sugar, HFCS, fast food?

    I would be interested in having Yoni review this book, however I have a sneaky suspicion it is going to be another LCHF diet book in disguise.

    A topic of interest would be the religious like fevor that people embrace with these types of diets and what motivates them to evangelize ? Many proponents of these type of diets claim they rely on science and scientific studies but how valid are some of the studies and have the authors simply put their POV onto the studies findings taking it out of context?

  72. your quoted Dr. Davis thus: [And please don't expect to enjoy going wheat free. According to Dr. Davis for some going wheat free,

    "can be a distinctly unpleasant experience on par with a root canal or living with your in-laws for a month"]

    When in fact he said: "For many, the idea of removing wheat from the diet is, at least psychologically, ..."

    You imply that he said the experience IS negative whereas he actually says "the idea" the thought of this diet is negative.

    ...Ethics... is not taught anymore as it used to be...

  73. Anonymous2:55 pm

    It was very kind of you to have missed out the bits on the wheat breeding experiments in Mexico, and how the strain of wheat has been gradually modified since the 1940's. Could it be that "they" are funding your book review?

  74. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Thanks for the excellent review. I dont eat wheat because I am allergic, so I thought I would give Dr. Davis' menus and recipes a try. I might also mention I have a perfect BMI. After 2 weeks of eating Dr. Davis's suggested menus, I had gained 4 lbs. I have not gained or lost any weight in 20 years! Now I understand why.

  75. Anonymous4:21 pm

    honestly this diet works because since wheat is included in almost all processed foods-it virtually eliminates processed foods from the diet. I can personally attest to this, as I spent a year as a french exchange student and over the course of the year dropped ~35 lbs, with no change in activity levels. AND I ATE SHIT TONS OF BREAD. bread for breakfast, bread with lunch, bread with dinner and sometimes as an afternoon snack. You know what the difference was? I did not drink any pop, and not once ate something that came out of a box, pre-prepared. I ate more than I usually do, and drank wine to boot! Lose the prepared foods, lose the weight I say.

  76. Anonymous11:13 pm

    i have been off wheat for a month.. not because of the book, but i have been shocked at how great i felt....clearer mind, heaches stopped, more energy, less bloating and dropping 10 pounds. I saw the book at a store and thought i should check it out. I would be skeptical if I hadn't experienced a huge change so quickly. Today's wheat is jacked and some folks should try to stay away from it.. i'm one of those folks. I miss bread, but i feel so much better, i don't think it will be a problem staying away from it.

  77. Anonymous2:57 am

    Didn't work at all. Off wheat for more than a week already.

  78. I agree that the title of the book is misleading and I suggest that it is misleading because no one would buy it if they thought they would have to give up all grains in exchange for the benefits described in the book.

    However, I did read the book thoroughly and it does make sense to cut the high glycemic carbs, starting with wheat. Eliminating wheat from most diets will cause a significant reduction in high GI carbs. Combining that with cutting out all or most sugar will also help to regulate the spikes in glucose and the accompanying over production of insulin and strain on the pancreas.

    Regardless of whether one buys the thesis that modern wheat is the source of as many problems as Doctor Davis says, it is still a good idea to cut out wheat.

    Doctor Davis has treated thousands of patients and reports good results from his recommendations. In addition, there are dozens of people reporting on his blog with numbers showing their significant improvements in their health.

    Your review was generally accurate but it did nothing to refute the idea that it is a good idea to get off wheat. If we can just good off wheat, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, I am certain that this would go a long way to achieving a much healthier nation with much lower health costs.

    It is always useful to have controlled, scientifically valid studies, comparing a wheat free diet to various other diets but in the mean time there is nothing wrong with individuals doing what seems to make sense for their own health situation. I am currently wheat free and have experienced positive benefits including lower blood pressure and lower triglycerides. If I find that being wheat free is not continuing to contribute to my improved health, then I will consider going back to a diet consisting of some wheat. In any event, I hope I will not return to a diet where I was constantly hungry and only satiated for a very short time. This was clearly due to the amount of bread and sugars that I consumed.

  79. This guy is a moron. The crux of his argument is that the book is worthless since wheat isn't really the culprit, which he explains here:

    "And here I thought wheat was the world's worst food. Seems odd that losing the wheat - a food which according to Davis is basically a highly toxic genetic abomination - regardless of what it's replaced with, would, "achieve very little"."

    To convey just how retarded this argument is, imagine this - you bring your car to a mechanic, and he says, "If you put less sugar in your fuel tank, your car will run a whole lot better." You tell this to your friend, and he scoffs, saying, "Yeah? So what if you put salt in your fuel tank? Still runs like crap, right? Looks like sugar isn't so bad after all. Your mechanic is a fraud." If you had any sense, you'd tell your friend that he's retarded, because if he said something like that he would clearly be a moron.

    Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, stop supporting idiots like this.

  80. Laurie Smith8:59 am

    It's obvious that you don't have a wheat allergy. For a lot of people including me, whear is poison to my intestines. Be careful what you critize. Making me eat wheat would mke my ears constantly red hot and burning, I would be on the toilet all day long with diarrhea and have headaches. I am glad youre not my registered dietian..

  81. Anonymous12:07 pm

    I think this is an excellent review. If you follow this diet you might as well die (diet, has the word die in it). You cannot eat anything. This is a diet and it is absurd and is not feasible. When you look at the references in this book you cannot conclude that wheat alone is the culprit. The way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories and exercise more (that is not rocket science). Calories ingested and not burned turn to fat. Eat less, move more. I am very sad that people think that this book is the magic answer to weight loss. Noone would ever be able to continue this diet, it eliminates too many foods. My advice is really look at the research not go by testimonals, these are not evidence based. Think about it.....if I stop eating wheat in my diet I also am not eating a lot of calories of course I am going to lose weight so is it the wheat or is it that I am consuming less calories? You cannot say it is wheat there is no research to support this. However, there is research to support eat less calories lose weight. Intersting don't you think?

  82. I read many of the comments on here and I can only shake my head at how this country is doomed. So many people absolutely refuse to look at things in any sort of objective manner. They are so biased for whatever reason that they simply cannot take in and process information and formulate sensible OBJECTIVE opinions on things. And, I say opinions, because I doubt many people commenting on this review have any sort of scientific training or background to validate their opinions. I understand that there are many people out there that have issues with wheat/gluten. Those who are allergic most certainly should avoid it. But, to state that it is a problem for all people is simply arrogant and inaccurate. I personally consume a larger amount of pasta products than the average person. I am not overweight, and do not suffer any of the so called side affects of wheat consumption. I do however, get a considerable amount of exercise including cardiovascular exercise. I am not boasting, but for a person approaching 40 I have fewer overall health problems than anyone I know. I don't think I'm some genetic freak, I eat healthy overall, and sensibly. Just because an author has a degree and some letters after his name does not make him an ultimate and undeniable authority. This is a problem in our society. We have more knowledge available than ever, but are more close-minded than ever. And, the most fervent proponents of most any cause tend to be the least tolerant and most vicious of all. Examine the evidence objectively then make a decision. Don't support something because it is what you want to believe and support.

  83. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Well the proof is in the puddin'! I have been following the principles of the wheat belly diet for 3 weeks and have lost 8 lbs. I did not start the "diet" to lose weight although I am extremely overweight. I put "diet" in quotes because I look at "Wheat Belly'" as a lifestyle change. I am Type 2 diabetic and was on steroids for 1 month which made my glucose level skyrocket to 600+ I chose to do WB because of the low glycemic index foods. This is an excellent meal plan for diabetics. However, I have to agree that some of the recipes are very high in calories so use your head and do the math yourself on your daily calories. You will find it easier to eat this way because you really don't have to measure so much. Eat what is on the list and limit the foods he suggests. Oh and by the way you are allowed two portions of fruit a day and you can eat gluten-free foods. So that part of this review is inaccurate. Dr. Davis cautions you on watching some of the so called "gluten free foods" because of the carb content and some contain a lot of sugar. What I took away from this was a nice list of the best foods to eat. You will find after a few days you will not crave sugars or snack foods and you will feel a lot better after you
    get over the withdrawal of wheat (about a week). After I researched how meat was processed, I now only eat grass feed beef and organic chicken. It is a bit more expensive but what is good health worth?

  84. Anonymous7:09 am

    What a load of rubbish your review is. There is nothing restrictive about eating real food. The proof is definately in the pudding! There's been so many people heal ailments - it's not just about losing weight. have a look on the FB page to see the results people have achieved. Sorry - your review is crap! Are you going to review Dr Perlmutter next? He's just a dumb neurologist so not as smart as you, so give that book a crappy review too. It's sad how many people will believe your dribble...

  85. Wheat Belly lifestyle works! Read the book and try it yourself for one month...then let hear how you KNOW you are wrong! Try it. You gave nothing to lose. - but bad health and nay be some extra weight!

  86. Ermine11:53 am

    To those naysayers, why not actually read the book instead of getting an opinion from someone who is, surprise surprise, trying to sell his own diet book!!

    I have stopped eating wheat, didn't really need to lose weight but i did - my thunder thighs have gone completely I am a different shape, much leaner and not at all bloated. This 'diet' is not at all difficult to follow and I really do not hanker after any hgih-carb foods. I am not hungry much of the time and I sleep so much better, think so much clearer and I have not had a migraine for ages.

    The proof of the pudding...

    And to the moron who said that 'Dr Atkins died from his own diet'...Dr Atkins fell on an icy pavement and died from hitting his head. Much of what he said about the US and UK governments giving poor advice about 'low fat' foods is now shown to be correct.

    Don't knock the book if you haven't read it, or tried it.

  87. Anonymous8:48 am

    I've been off wheat for the past year and I feel energized and 10 years younger, I've lost weight, I've lost my stomach problems, I'm not tired all the time. I'm telling you, this is the real deal. Try it and make up your own mind.

  88. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Over 700 million tonnes of wheat produced and consumed every year. It is utterly impossible to believe the complete nonsense that wheat is so bad. It is an important part of many diets in the world, and the shear volume consumed shows it is not some great evil. If you have allergic reaction to gluten, or are sensitive, by all means avoid ALL grains that have gluten, but to single out wheat is truly showing how small minded people are.

  89. Anonymous6:48 am

    Low fat, No fat, We are all getting fat! I have cut out the wheat and sugar, gone back to eating good fats, butter, coconut oil, nuts etc,and lost weight, Cant tell me im consuming fewer calories than before when eating low/no fat and I was putting on weight and hungry most of the time. Now I feel great and actually get to meal times and a lot of times have to make myself eat as im not overly hungry


    This is a link to a critique by Catherine Jones, a professor who debunks everything from the book with references to studies. Please don't be fooled by these weight loss books, there is no secret to weight loss. Its simple, calories in vs calories out. Choose the right balance of macronutrients, micronutrients and exercise.

  91. Allergic to wheat since childhood, but just learned about it. Always had poor reaction on bread, yet ignored it thinking bread cannot harm. Wheat free for 7 days, feel better. But diet is awful. I will stick with Dr Fuhrman diet, allowing fruit and beans....and a bit of sweets.