Friday, October 06, 2006


Went down to the House of Commons again yesterday to watch the Standing Committee on Health's continued focus on Childhood Obesity.

What was striking was how little some of the "experts" knew about the subject at hand.

A number of the experts were economists and indeed, when it came to their opinions on the effects of "fat taxes", I would not question their knowledge bases. It's when they strayed from their subject at hand when the quobesity flowed thick.

One gentleman concluded that the reason for childhood obesity had nothing to do with eating and everything to do with a lack of exercise.

He surmised that he already knows what's healthy, that he can "just ask his butcher just to cut some of the fat off of his steaks", but that it's lack of exercise that has led the World to gain weight.

He continued to wax philosophic on this culminating with today's quobesity installment.

"Why can't they just make a healthier chip? You know, I bet there already are healthy chips, I bet they sell them in health food stores."