Monday, October 02, 2006

Slammers - Coming soon to a school near you

Horrifying. Here's an example of Big Food gone bad.

The press release touts their 99% fat-free-ness and their smaller 8oz serving sizes. It also brags how they meet the newer American Beverage Associate guidelines.

Here's their quote, "We saw an opportunity to create 'kid friendly', 99% reduced fat milk that is not only delicious to students, but also makes parents happy from a health and nutrition standpoint. We moved quickly to design a new package, and are proud to be the first company to provide vendable milk that meets the guidelines."

Wanna know what's in 'em?

According to the nutritional information (that took way too many clicks to get to) drinking just one of these will give your child 340 calories, more than DOUBLE the calories in a can of Coca Cola and almost 10 teaspoons of sugar.

I think that the parents that are being made "happy from a health and nutrition standpoint" better learn how to read nutrition facts labels. Might be good for them to know too that if their child's a 6 year old girl, that one drink likely accounts for 25% of the total number of calories she needs in a daytime!

Shame on Coca Cola for trying to market something so unreasonably unhealthy as a nutritious choice for children.